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The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announced last week a plan to partner with Japanese-based SoftBank to fund a $200 billion solar farm in the desert. We discuss the project, the state of the U.S. solar industry, and solar stocks to buy (and avoid).

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Takeda may buy Shire, but it might prove costly. Also, the FDA slaps Alkermes with a dreaded Refusal to File letter.

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ADT and its private equity backers have built up the leading name in monitored security with $4.3 billion of revenue in 2017. But after pricing an IPO in January, shares of ADT have tumbled nearly 50%. Is this the bargain opportunity investors should be following?

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A lot of investors like big bank stocks for their dividends and perceived safety. We think, though, that some big trends are lining up to make their business models increasingly tough to sustain. In this episode, we lay out five different areas tech is changing the game for banks.

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At SXSW, our quest was simple -- find good food. But when we stumbled upon Kyle Pounder's food truck "Excaliburger" we realized we found even more.

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A big restructuring that could begin to pay off for investors soon could make this a great time to add Hess Corp. to your portfolio.

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Geron’s future hinges on an uncertainty and AbbVie’s shares are teetering following some disappointing news. Should these stocks be in your portfolio? 

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The downfall of Toys “R” Us has placed renewed focus on private equity funds and their connection to the recent string of retail bankruptcies. We look at how their desire for high returns and quick exits can hurt the long-term prospects of even the biggest brick-and-mortar chains.

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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates at its latest meeting, but there’s more important information you need to know. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, host Michael Douglass and banking specialist Matt Frankel break down the key takeaways and how they could affect your investments.

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A lot of people aren't happy with the social media company these days. We run through the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting story, talk about the existing trend of people leaving Facebook, and work through how we feel about the company as shareholders.

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