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Edge-to-edge display? Check. Wireless charging? Check. Facial recognition components? Check. The iPhone X is gorgeous, but what does its release timing mean for Apple’s financials over the next few quarters? We dig into that and Apple’s other upcoming products.

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After years of being dubbed “death traps” for investors the Airlines industry is having something of a renaissance. We discuss which of the big four U.S. national carriers is the better buy for investors today.

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A new study concludes it costs $757 million to develop a new cancer drug, but is that the only reason why drugmakers charge sky-high drug prices or are other reasons to blame too?

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In a strange twist, the newest retail store from Nordstrom will carry no inventory. Instead, the company hopes a unique menu of services will provide a rich enough experience to connect with shoppers – a trend that is growing quickly in the brick-and-mortar world. The cast also looks at how Starbucks is faring under the new leadership of Kevin Johnson.

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It’s not always an easy decision, and in most cases you should do some planning first, but there are times when you’re doing the right thing in quitting your job.  Of course there’s a difference between wanting to quit and needing to quit and some things you should do before giving notice.

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The streaming service is planning to go public soon and we have our hands on their filing with the SEC! We run through the company's books, talk about the streaming space, and take a look at the company's long-term prospects.

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry announced the Department of Energy is releasing 500,000 barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. We discuss the impact and importance of the move.

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Promo: Big-cap biopharma could come knocking if Juno Therapeutics’ next-generation CAR-T is safer than its competitors, and Medtronic's already investing billions in Mazor Robotics, a maker of surgical robots. Sponsored link: Code: fool.

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Amazon has already begun to weaponize its Whole Foods stores, and we look at how competing retailers like Kroger and Costco are feeling the pressure. Meanwhile, the major dollar store chains are facing their own challenges from larger retail rivals.

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IF brings you stories and coverage of different sectors of the stock market every day, but what trends are the hosts most excited about, and what stocks are on their watch lists? We bring everyone into the studio for this bonus episode to answer these questions and introduce the new Thursday host Sarah Priestley.

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