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Nebraska Public Service Commission voted 3-2 to approve an alternative route for the Keystone XL pipeline through the state. We discuss potential implications of Keystones operator TransCanada, and what the decision might mean for investors. Ahead of the OPEC meeting in Vienna, we debate the rumors and conjecture around the assembly.

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Canopy Growth co-founder Bruce Linton is interviewed about the company’s strategy for medicinal and recreational marijuana in Canada and beyond.

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Early numbers are in for the Black Friday weekend with strong growth over last year. That momentum has even extended to brick-and-mortar retailers, which saw only small traffic declines during the busy period. Find out why department stores are feeling confident about the quarter, and what investors should watch as they head into the final month of the year.


Slack: Where work happens. Find out why at

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Financials sets the record straight on common money myths involving topics ranging from investing in stocks to using credit cards.

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You know the market is risky and you shouldn't own just one or two stocks, but you're probably wondering how many stocks you should own. In today's episode, we dig into diversification to help you build a better portfolio.

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While AT&T and Time Warner investors prepare themselves for a tough legal battle with the Justice Department to close their merger, competitors are circling the valuable media empire that could be going up for sale at Twenty-First Century Fox.

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Financials looks at the two tax reform bills currently making their way through Congress, the differences between them, and the likely winners and losers of tax reform.

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Roku's first report as a publicly traded company couldn't have gone better. With a second look at their books, are we more sold on the long-term viability of the streaming company?

Editor's note: In the show, we mistakenly said that 1/3 of Roku's platform revenue comes from licensing. That 1/3 portion of the platform revenue is actually from content distribution, the licensing portion is much smaller.

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The U.S is increasingly being powered by cheap natural gas and the deployment of pipeline infrastructure is ensuring this remains the case for years to come. In this show we discuss why the commodity is growing in popularity, the billions of dollars being spent transporting it across the country, and investment opportunities in the industry.

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A flurry of news has investors clamoring to add Nektar Therapeutics to their portfolios. Plus, we explain why investors are disappointed by Loxo Oncology’s good news and how a new smart pill could change medicine forever.

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