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In the closing act of the Industry Focus Awards, the cast revisits Foolish listener emails before pitching their nominees for most likely to succeed and the infamous participation award.

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Notable quotes and M&A take the stage as the next two categories up for grabs. Find out who went home with a prestigious IF Award in hand.

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The show must go on! In this episode, the cast doles out their awards for the next two categories: best fact and most valuable player.

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Happy holidays, Fools! This year, the Industry Focus cast is rolling out the red carpet for some of their favorite stocks with the first annual Industry Focus Awards ceremony. The first two categories for your consideration: biggest PR blunder and rookie of the year.

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We hit the biggest stories of the year — iPhone X, net neutrality, AR/VR, and Verizon buying Yahoo — and talk about how they may impact 2018.

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Top Energy and Industrials Headlines From 2017. We look back across various events of the past year in our sector. From arrests of Volkswagen executives to GE’s 40% drop, 2017 has been a big year.

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Repeal and replace wasn't the only healthcare story this year! Critical policy changes,  revolutionary new medicines, and M&A also sent healthcare stocks on a wild ride in 2017.

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Looking back on a busy year, the cast recaps some of the biggest stories and developments in the sector.

Slack: Where work happens. Find out why at

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Financials takes a look back at the five biggest news stories of 2017 and what they mean to investors.

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We're excited for 2018. Why? We've got tax code changes impacting the books of big tech, plus the next phases of the cable revolution, and the continued rise of e-sports.

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