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Volkswagen’s price tag to settle its emissions cheating scandal are now over $15 billion, but is it possible that the worst is behind the German auto maker?

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Digesting how the U.K. decision to exit the EU could impact healthcare stocks here and abroad.

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Is Sin City losing its edge? Special guest Seth McNew gives us a firsthand account of the evolving economy and landscape in Las Vegas as companies look to opportunities outside the smoky casino floor.

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Last week’s vote in the United Kingdom to separate from the European Union is the most important thing to happen on the global stage since the end of World War II, rivaling only China’s moves in the 1970s and 1980s to participate actively in the global economy.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s John Maxfield and Gaby Lapera put the vote in historical perspective and explain why it has hit stock prices so hard. Then, Dan Caplinger and Gaby follow-up with investing strategies for the economic dip.

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We wrap up interns ask week with a question Peter Lynch would love and a discussion of how to "invest in what you know."

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Land rig counts that drill for oil & gas have risen 3 weeks in a row, is this the first sign of a turnaround in the sector?

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Insurers can make or break drug developers, politicians can derail profits, and tax inversions are dead in the water -- should investors avoid healthcare stocks?

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The theme for this week of Industry Focus brings Motley Fool’s summer interns into the studio to learn more about different industries and companies. Minashsha Lamisa wants to know: “What are the potential effects of the recent Orlando tragedy on the gun industry?”

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It’s interns week on the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Financials edition podcast, a special week when this summer’s most Foolish interns have the chance to pepper host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins with all the financial industry related questions they’ve been thinking but never had the chance to ask.  

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We run through Microsoft’s $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn, explain the details of the deal and whether or not it makes sense.

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