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The past twelve months haven’t been kind to GE shareholders. The stock has lost almost half its value as creative accounting practices, a seriously underperforming power segment, and charges related to its legacy insurance business have undermined investor confidence. We talk about recent events, financial results, and how the turnaround plan is going.

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Precision medicines from Loxo Oncology and Blueprint Medicines could take center stage at the most important cancer conference of the year. Also, here’s why Abiomed’s shares have doubled in 2018. (LOXO) (BPMC) (ABMD)

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After years of playing of second fiddle to Home Depot, Lowe’s recently tapped J.C. Penney CEO Marvin Ellison to help usher the brick-and-mortar retailer into the future. While the home improvement space has resisted competition from online players, neither of the industry leaders are strangers to innovation and change. The cast also covers the latest updates from the Walt Disney and Fox acquisition. Stocks: LOW, HD, DIS, FOX, FOXA, CMCSA

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It's been a busy few months for PayPal. The company just spent $2.2B on "the Square of Europe" and competitors are starting to mount an attack against the company's One Touch approach. How should investors be feeling about it all? Stocks: PYPL, SQ, MA.

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The FAA received 149 proposals for its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program and selected 10 from different cities across the U.S. The winning cities, partnered with big-name businesses, will work with the FAA to develop testing zones and develop regulations.

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It’s not just drugmakers disrupting this massive market, medical device makers are pocketing billions of dollars, too. Here’s what you should know about Medtronic, Abbott Labs, Dexcom, Insulet, and Tandem Diabetes. (NYSE: MDT)(NYSE: ABT)(NASDAQ: DXCM) NASDAQ: PODD)(NASDAQ: TNDM).

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We officially welcome esports to the “major leagues” as the biggest game developers promote, expand, and monetize the multi-player competitions for some of their best-selling titles. From viewership ratings to multi-million dollar deals and professional gamers on contracts, we cover the latest milestones for this fast-growing industry. Stocks: ATVI, EA, TTWO, NVDA, AMD

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Cash is being used less and less, and these three companies could be big winners.

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Tencent and MercadoLibre both have leading positions in their markets and offer investors exposure to a ton of major tech trends, making them greater starter stocks for folks looking for international exposure.

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We take a whirlwind tour of some international stocks, from a truly global infrastructure player, to a Brazilian iron producer dependent on China, and a French oil giant that’s looking to the future and leading the pack.

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