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Two tech giants announced earnings this week. We run through the numbers and conference calls for Apple and Amazon and explain what investors need to know.

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Earnings are starting to trickle in for energy industrial stocks, so we discuss the three stocks that interest us the most and the themes we're focused on this quarter. Plus, we dip into the mailbag for a reader question.

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Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell distill J&J's financials and discover that there's more to the story than the headline numbers suggest.

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From empty grocery store shelves to cold weather apparel sales, we take a Foolish look at the impact of winter storm Jonas on retailers. Also, Coach shares soar after breaking out of a multi-year streak of declining sales.

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India is viewed as one of the most appealing markets for big tech firms, but it doesn’t come without challenges. On today's episode we run through some of the issues and how tech companies have found creative solutions around them.

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The oil market has been on a wild ride lately, and all of these stock movements can make us forget that we're investing in companies. So today we're getting up close and personal with Distribution NOW CEO Robert Workman.

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Highlighting the major investing take-away's from this years J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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Three Fools sit down to discuss their latest views on Chipotle, Take-Two Interactive, Taser, and more.


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A deep dive into business development companies

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We dig into declining growth rates in smartphone and PC shipments and try to identify the culprits.

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