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Motley Fool Contributor Tyler Crowe interviews Wall Street Journalist Gregory Zuckerman, author of The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters.

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Healthcare analyst Michael Douglass talks big-name healthcare players with contributor Todd Campbell, and discuss why most healthcare companies do not pay dividends.

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It's an all Bank of America edition of Where the Money Is

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We talk all about telecoms on this tech edition of Where the Money Is.

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On today's edition of Where the Money Is, analysts Taylor Muckerman and Tyler Crowe cover the outskirts of energy.

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Healthcare analyst Michael Douglass is back, interviewing Fool Contributor Todd Campbell about Obamacare and Healthcare dividends, in addition to answering a listener question.

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Black Friday is a little over a week away -- what does this huge sales day mean for retailers? Consumer goods analysts Sean O'Reilly and Nathan Hamilton tell us more.

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Host Alison Southwick interviews senior banking specialist John Maxfield on another big banking settlement, Warren Buffet's battery purchase, and Square's disruption in the banking universe. Plus, where did the food truck originiate?

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TGIF! Tech analysts Sean O'Reilly and Nathan Hamilton discuss every tech investor's favorite topic -- the internet of things.

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On today's edition of Where the Money Is, energy analyst Tyler Crowe joins Mark Reeth to discuss US and China emissions, falling oil prices, and a rise in SUV sales.

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