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Before you follow an advisor's advice on these topics, make sure you know the whole story.

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New quarterly numbers from Alphabet and Facebook sent the stocks in different directions -- why did the Street love one set of estimate-beating numbers and not the other?

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Fossil fuels may be critical today, but that fact is changing at an accelerated rate.

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Hunting for new small cap stocks to watch? We've got you covered. In today's show, we discuss how NovoCure, Flexion Therapeutics, and Zogenix want to shake-up healthcare.

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Michael Kors scoops up Jimmy Choo to keep pace with Coach, and Lululemon's back after a spring mishap, could its winning days continue? We hit these retail news items and check in on Chipotle's food-borne illness problems ahead of earnings.

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For years after the financial crisis, bank earnings fluctuated wildly due to high loan losses, volatile markets, and elevated legal expenses. Fortunately, this trend seems to have come to an end, as the results from the second quarter demonstrate.


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Shopify and its founder Tobias Lütke have been Fool favorites for a long time -- on this episode we talk about how, despite the stock's crazy run over the past year, we're still interested in the e-commerce company.

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OPEC’s production cut compliance continues to drop, is this the end of its attempt to prop up oil prices?

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After Puma Biotech's recent success, the search is on for other clinical-stage biotech stocks being run by proven CEOs. Could experience turn Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Axovant Sciences, and Esperion Therapeutics into winners too?

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We field Foolish questions from the world of consumer and retail. First, Levi wants to know about the prospects for apparel retailer Buckle (and its double-digit dividend yield). Meanwhile, Shubhra is curious about Kirkland Signature and why the Costco private label is available on


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