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The three most recognizable names in the social media landscape dropped earnings this week and while big picture numbers looked good across the board, Mr. Market didn’t seem too pleased with the results.

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Big oil continues to report their latest results, and the Motley Fool’s Tyler Crowe and Taylor Muckerman dive in.

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Motley Fool analysts dig into Teva Pharmaceuticals recent M&A and debate the single most important number reported in Gilead Sciences second quarter earnings results.

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Following closely in Uber’s footsteps, Airbnb recently raised $1.5 billion in its latest round of fundraising to become one of the biggest start-ups on the planet.

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Warren Buffett has highlighted two ways a commoditized business can find lasting competitive advantage – and this bank exemplifies both.

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Only Apple could beat expectations for the top and bottom line and still disappoint analysts. Following the company’s recent earnings release, the Street seemed concerned with iPhone sales and the company’s guidance for next quarter – should investors be worried or is this Apple anxiety overblown?

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Some of the biggest oil service names in the business have surprised to the upside on earnings. In the meantime, Chesapeake Energy just cut its dividend. What does this mean for the industry and its ability to manage its finances?

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Motley Fool analysts tackle risks facing Castlight Health investors and dive into the next generation of Alzheimer's disease medicines.

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Following its spin-off from eBay, PayPal offers impressive growth at a premium, but eBay shares are beaten down and poised for a rebound if turnaround efforts prove successful.

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America’s second largest bank by assets had an outstanding past quarter. Has B of A finally turned a new leaf?

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The search giant released its quarterly earnings last week and the market’s reaction was overwhelmingly positive. CFO Ruth Porat shined in her debut, revealing plans to cut costs and teasing investors with the prospect of a capital return program down the road.

On this episode, Motley Fool’s Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly discuss the earnings release and the market rally that ensued.

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Iran is exporting oil again and natural gas surpasses coal for the first time. What should long term investors do to profit?

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Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell shed light on how Celgene's deal-making frenzy positions it as a potential MS leader and offer up insight into how to value immuno-oncology stocks.

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As Comic-Con wraps up, movie goers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next flick to thrill them once again.

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Major U.S. banks start reporting earnings tomorrow – how should a long-term investor approach them?

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While YouTube has been our go-to site for all that is visual and melodic, Facebook is adding a new option for music video consumption. While they’ve offered only minor details, it appears the tech mogul will monitor the featured flicks with the most scrutinizing of detail. Will YouTube get lost in the refuse, or should Facebook tread lightly with consideration of their possible demise?

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Conflicting headlines on the oil market come out daily, Industry Focus dives into why this is just plain crazy.

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Novartis nabs approval for a drug that could revolutionize how we treat heart disease and CVS Health doubles down on its anti-tobacco stance. Our Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell discuss what it means for the companies involved.

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Whole Foods’ new expansion plans involve MUCH smaller stores, here’s why.

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An update on the Greek financial crisis, an unconventional lending strategy, and what to expect in quarterly earnings.

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Apple Music launched earlier this week, but in the crowded music streaming landscape, can the service stand out?

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For years consumers have been curious about how BP will fair after the Deepwater Horizon incident, and with today’s events you’ll be pleased to know: it has nothing to do with Greece.

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Celgene Hands $1 Billion To Juno Therapeutics and health insurance on the exchanges will climb 4.4% next year. Our Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell discuss the details.

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These are tough times to be a giant food conglomerate. The Motley Fool dives into the details.

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Greece is in turmoil, and ripples are spreading around the world. What’s at the heart of the crisis, and what’s coming next?

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Most consumers understand the annoyance of pop-up ads attempting to share what little important screen space you’ve currently got in front of you.

While some consumers are still unaware of the miracle that is ad blocking, corporations like Google who rely on ads for revenue, are freely offering these services as extensions on their browsers. One would think the revenue stream would be affected, yet Apple is launching its ad block option with iOS 9 in the fall. Will this leave profits flat for investors, or does Google have something up their sleeve to defeat the downfall? 


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Offshore drillers have been hit hard in the last 6 months, how patient should investors be in waiting for a turnaround?

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Phillip Frost's Opko Health shares are soaring, but Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell worry that valuation has become a bit stretched. Here's why.

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Just why is off-price retail so good at making money? We answer this and more on today's consumer goods edition of Industry Focus.

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The Exports/Imports Bank guarantees loans to foreign companies to buy U.S. exports – find out why opinion on it is divided.

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Motley Fool analysts Dylan Lewis and Vincent Shen take a look at this week’s big splash IPO, FitBit, and explain why it’s such an unusual tech public offering.

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As oil drilling has become much less lucrative than it was just a year ago, many smaller companies in the business are starting to fold up shop. Although had they read their oil history text books they would have been ready for this. 


On this episode Tyler and Taylor take a look at why this was probably inevitable and what it could mean for investors long term. 

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Rumors that major health insurers are reportedly courting one another could shake up the health insurance industry. Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell consider what could be behind industry consolidation.

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Gap recently announced it will be closing 175 of its North American stores – Motley Fool analysts Dylan Lewis and Vincent Shen discuss the future outlook for the company, its competitors, and the apparel industry at large.

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With the banking industry trading at across-the-board low valuations, is it a good time to pick up shares?

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The CEO of Twitter just stepped down and that has big implications for shareholders.

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In case you missed it, the United States has surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia as the top oil producer in the world. It seems that we simply can't stop growing our production. Is this a good or bad thing over the long-term? Only our analysts [think they] know for sure. Tune in for the whole story!

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The Supreme Court is set to announce its ruling in King v. Burwell, a case that could put health insurance subsidies at risk for millions of people. Our Motley Fools discuss the potential ruling and its impact.

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Sports Promotions are big business and that can have big implications for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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On this episode we take a look at the history and purpose of the Federal Reserve.

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Apple’s developers conference is right around the corner and that means a lot of news will be coming out of one of the world’s biggest tech companies.

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The oil price crash has forced oil companies to find creative ways to raise cash.

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Biotech stocks eye-popping run has investors nervous of a bubble. Healthcare Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell weigh in with their take on biotech valuation.

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Video games are a massive, multi-billion dollar business, and mobile growth is pushing the industry to new heights. Is gaming right for your portfolio?

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This episode we discuss how big data could revolutionize the future of the financial sector.

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The Motley Fool’s Daniel Sparks discusses Google’s latest developers conference and the tech giant’s ecosystem focused initiatives.

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In this week's episode, Sean and Tyler explore three topics on the minds of energy investors: Can coal survive? Will oil companies actually do something about climate change? And why is cash so important to energy investments?

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Amgen has shelved its once-promising psoriasis drug. Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell help investors understand the impact.

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The Motley Fool’s Sean O’Reily and Vincent Shen discuss the latest buyout news concerning Time Warner Cable.

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The Motley Fool’s Sean O’Reilly and Dylan Lewis discuss the latest moves being made by Google to conquer the world of mobile.

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The Motley Fool's Tyler Crowe, Taylor Muckerman, and Sean O'Reilly discuss a slew of energy sector downgrades by Wall Steet investment banks and why long term investors should just ignore them.

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Johnson & Johnson has inked a licensing deal with Achillion Pharmaceuticals that could threaten Gilead Sciences market share in hepatitis C someday. Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell dig into the details of this deal to see if Gilead Sciences investors should worry.

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The Motley Fool’s Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss the energy drink market and how the world’s major beverage players are positioning themselves to cash in on this emerging trend.

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Technology is revolutionizing the financials space as we know it, from lending to investment advising, and more! 

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On today’s edition of Industry Focus, we’ll hear how Facebook is taking iOS to the next level by making news available instantly, without leaving the comfort of your social media page. 

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This week we saw two big buys with Noble Energy buying Rosetta Resources and Williams Companies buying out its subsidiary. Is this a signal that the merger and acquisition wave might actually happen? Taylor Muckerman and Tyler Crowe break down these deals and give some insight as to why the merger wave is taking so long and how these deals could shape the future landscape. 

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Motley Fool's Michael Douglass and Todd Campbell dig into MannKind Corp.'s first quarter earnings to see if MannKind is a bargain, or a bust.

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Motley Fool analysts Vincent Shen and Sean O’Reilly dive into the online travel industry and discuss recent events within the space.

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Dividend aristocrats, REITs, red flags, and more – a broad look at dividend investing on today's edition of Industry Focus.

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Motley Fool analysts Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly discuss big changes coming to the food delivery industry, with big tech leading the way.

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Offshore LNG is officially a thing now! Offshore rigs are getting their groove back, and Big Oil companies should stay out of alternative energy for a reason. Our energy team explains all these things in this week's episode of Industry Focus. 

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Alexion Pharmaceuticals is paying $8.4 billion to buy Synageva, a company without any sales, so Fool analyst Michael Douglass and contributor Todd Campbell are digging into this deal to see what it may mean to biotech investors.

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Motley Fool analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen dive into the data behind the supposed “death of cable”, where things aren’t all what they seem.

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Matt Koppenheffer and David Hanson return to the studio to discuss their trip to Omaha.

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Motley Fool analysts Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly break down the week in tech earnings, and explain just how Selerity got its hands on Twitter’s earnings and what went wrong for LinkedIn in the first quarter.

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Fool Analysts Tyler Crowe and Taylor Muckerman dig into Big Oil's recent earnings results and find some interesting tidbits  about oil prices and why the integrated business model has been successful for so many years in the world of oil. 

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Anthem has been a big beneficiary of health insurance reform, so Motley Fool analyst Michael Douglass and contributor Todd Campbell dig into Anthem's first quarter results to see if the ACA continues to drive results higher.

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Motley Fool analysts Sean O’Reilly and Dylan Lewis discuss Google’s new cell phone service, “Project Fi” as well as big news from Amazon.

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Motley Fool analysts Sean O'Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss why the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger fell apart and where the industry goes from here.

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A 15-minute, 3-step guide to analyzing bank stocks.

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Oil services companies have been surprising Wall Street this week with better than expected results. Sean and Tyler take a look at why some companies in the space have been able do better than expected and identifies some of the important traits investors should look for when buying oil services stocks.

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A look at Rite Aid’s strategic initiatives for catching up to – and even passing – its competitors.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss the toy industry and how Foolish investors can invest in this huge business.

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Tune in to learn what this week’s earnings reports mean to owners of Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, and other big banks.

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Motley Fool Analysts Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly discuss recent antritrust violations lobbed by the EU at Google Inc.

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Motley Fool Analysts Tyler Crowe and Sean O’Reilly discuss current myths surrounding the oil market: in particular battery tech advances.

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Two Motley Fool analysts dive into Johnson & Johnson's earnings and
discover that there's both good and bad news that investors need to know.

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Motley Fool analysts Sean O'Reilly and Dylan Lewis discuss the latest news in the world of consumer goods investing.

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Highlights from Jamie Dimon’s recent letter to shareholders, as well as a discussion of when is the right time to sell stocks.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Dylan Lewis discuss recent venture capital investments in the technology industry and if they are getting too excessive.

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Taylor and Tyler look at the bullish and bearish viewpoints of Shell's recent decision to acquire BG Group for $70 billion.

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Expiring patents threaten billions of dollars in sales at Amgen. Here's what the company is doing to offset the threat to some of its best selling drugs.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss Google Fiber and its ramifications for the ISP industry

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The Oracle of Omaha is practically a force of nature in today’s investing world, but how will he be remembered a century from now?

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We’ve seen this before… High oil prices create a market where nearly everyone can make money. The surplus of production outstrips supply and prices subsequently fall. This leads to reduced capital investment. It’s called "cyclicality". 

Will 2020 be the next turning point due to underinvestment now? Find out on today's episode of Industry Focus.

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A drop dead, massively big, upside opportunity exists for this pre-clinical stage biotech star. Motley Fool analyst Michael Douglass and contributor Todd Campbell discuss this and much more.

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This week’s tech edition looks at Google’s new algorithm, Twitter’s Periscope, and the Facebook announcement that is all one of our analysts can talk about.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss the recent Kraft buyout in the context of past consumer goods mega-deals.

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This episode we learn why AmEx losing its Costco partnership is actually a long-term win.

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America's abundance of oil has some investors wondering how high levels of storage and shut in wells could impact energy stocks. So Taylor and Tyler break down the situation and give some quick words of caution.

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Can Amarin Corp Plc convert promise into profit? Motley Fool healthcare analyst Michael Douglass and healthcare contributor Todd Campbell discuss the challenges ahead for this volatile biotech stock.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen discuss the merits and drawbacks of investing in the movie theatre industry.

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The competitive landscape of the financial industry has changed greatly over the last century – what does this mean for today’s banks?

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Nintendo stock is making moves, while Glu Mobile’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is climbing the iTunes charts. Motley Fool analysts Nathan Hamilton and Sean O’Reilly discuss why on this week’s Industry Focus Podcast.

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A 742% spending surge for hepatitis C, pricey new diabetes medications, and one new drug class that has payers nervous -- all discussed today by healthcare analyst Michael Douglass and healthcare contributor Todd Campbell on today's Industry Focus.

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Motley Fool Analysts Sean O’Reilly and Vincent Shen Dive into the international businesses of some of America’s most storied household brands.

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Stress tests results reveal whether banks are prepared for economic downturn and if they can return more capital to shareholders.

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It was a busy week as normal for tech stocks. Microsoft made a bold move, Intel shares slumped, and Amazon is jumping into the booming IoT industry. Fool analysts Nathan Hamilton and Sean O'Reilly discuss each news event and what it means for shareholders.

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Today’s Industry Focus is talking Exxon, Chevron, and how not to fall prey to silly journalism in the energy space.

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MannKind and Orexigen: two companies with big promise, but can they deliver on profit? Healthcare analyst Michael Douglass and healthcare contributor Todd Campbell discuss the risks facing these biotech stocks.

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