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In the ongoing devastation of Hurricane Harvey headlines are surfacing about the storms impact on US oil and Gas -- on this episode we discuss potential outcomes for the industry, and touch on the recent appointment of a new CEO for GE.

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The FDA approved the world's first CAR-T therapy on Wednesday, one month ahead of schedule, and only days after Gilead Sciences announced it’s buying CAR-T powerhouse Kite Pharma in a deal valued at $11.9 billion. 


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Join us for a look at the incredible growth of e-sports and the opportunity it presents to various industry stakeholders, including game publishers, content networks, and the players themselves. We also discuss the recent legal troubles at iRobot.

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Every industry has its shining lights, and the bank industry is no different. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials edition we discuss the top bankers in the modern era, including Jamie Dimon, Richard Davis, Robert Wilmers, and more.

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Two years ago we tossed out a terrible ballpark on the revenue Apple Music might be able to bring in for the tech giant. Today we talk about that mistake and how to set yourself up to make better projections.

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Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them.

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We said what? Let’s face it, sometimes our predictions miss the mark, and with Rite Aid and Opko Health, they missed the mark by a lot. Here’s what we said, why we said it, and what we learned from our mistakes.


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We said what?!? That is our theme for Industry Focus this week, and we continue the discussion with missed calls on Wal-Mart’s acquisition and the 2,000 stores Amazon was supposed to open in the next several years.

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Everyone makes mistakes. But not many of us air them publicly. That's the theme of this week's Industry Focus, starting with our prediction in 2015 that concerns about Wells Fargo's cross-selling culture were much ado about nothing.


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We run through recent wearables market data from Strategy Analytics, check in on the major players, and talk about the long-term outlook for Fitbit.

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A solar eclipse occurs Monday -- what that means for solar producers may surprise you.

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With a slate of promising drugs hitting the market and in its development pipeline, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is becoming one of biotechs most important players.

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For several years, Procter & Gamble has been spinning off low-priority brands and cutting costs to streamline its business. But with little to show for those efforts, billionaire Nelson Peltz wants a seat at the table. Meanwhile, a slow summer blockbuster season is taking a major toll on theater operators.

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Business development companies are undergoing a sea change as the asset class becomes more institutionalized.

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Snap's quarterly update was... uninspiring. On this show, we talk about the updated user counts, ask some questions on engagement metrics, and run through the new financials.

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Fracking has been the oil industry buzzword for years, here’s what the process actually means.

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Scotts Miracle Gro could be the best marijuana stock to buy, while Illumina could be the best bet to capitalize on DNA-based medicine.

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You might not be able to fire the coach or have a say in drafting new players, but there are ways to invest in professional sports.

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Here's the differences between the major credit card processors, and how to evaluate them as investments.

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We try and decode what's going on with Twitter's DAU/MAU numbers, and run through the figures on another banner quarter for the world's largest company.

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Years after the downturn started, oil majors relent and believe $50 oil is the new reality. Are they right?

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How Celgene and Gilead Sciences results are fueling their stock prices this quarter, plus Merck’s Keytruda closes the sales gap between it and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo.


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We break down the latest developments in the consumer-retail sector, including Amazon earnings, the $1.4 billion Jimmy Choo buyout, and the turnaround prospects for Target.

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