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The highly anticipated switch over to ICD-10 medical coding kicks October off and a FDA decision later in the month could move the needle at Shire Plc.

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A major product launch and multi-billion dollar deals color this episode of Industry Focus.

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Earnings season is coming up. Are you ready?

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It’s tough to stay up to date on VR news -- in hardware, Samsung recently unveiled its update to its Gear VR headset, while loose details about a consumer-ready Oculus Rift circulate. Facebook is starting to feature immersed video content while Google is interested in  being behind the camera (so to speak).

On this episode, Motley Fool’s Dylan Lewis and Sean O’Reilly break down who is doing what in virtual reality.

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Pretty soon, oil producers will need to show bankers that they are still worthy of borrowing money. So our energy guys take a look at what this could mean for companies. Plus, another mailbag question and Big Oil is turning into Big Renewables?

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The Motley Fool highlights potential winners and losers in Hillary Clinton's proposed plan to curb soaring drug prices.

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From streaming video and music to virtual reality and more, we round-up the latest stories from the consumer goods sector.

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Listen in as we discuss Bank of America’s upcoming vote on Brian Moynihan role, the Fed doing nothing, and the current state of the US economy.

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Google is under fire from Russian authorities over competitive issues and the European Union isn’t far behind. Meet the competitor that sounded the horn and learn how the decision from Russia, expected to be finalized next week, could set up Google for a tough battle in Europe.

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It appears that the seeds of a slowdown in oil production have been planted, so Sean, Tyler, and Taylor sit down and discuss when those seeds will start to bear fruit.

Plus, we dip into the mailbag and Sean gets to ask a "what's puzzling me" question.

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Growing use of healthcare IT offers plenty of investing opportunity, but challenges remain and that makes picking the right healthcare IT stock to buy important.

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Despite being one of the most heavily shorted companies trading on the NASDAQ Composite, Sirius XM has proven satellite radio is here to stay as it launches new growth initiatives to shore up its long-term future with connected cars and SXM17. And in the world of beer, MillerCoors is feeling the pressure from increasing craft beer sales as it closes one of its eight U.S. breweries.

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A primer on Social Security’s current funding situation and how it may affect you.

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Christmas morning finally came for investors eager to set their eyes on the latest Apple gadgets – the company unveiled its updates for the iPhone and Apple TV lines and showed off the highly anticipated iPad Pro in its event earlier this week. What new features do these products boast and how do they fit into the market place?

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While everyone else is getting ready for football season, Sean, Tyler and Taylor are drafting energy stocks this week with our first ever energy stock fantasy draft.

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The diabetes pandemic and medical marijuana are two of the healthcare's biggest trends, but not all diabetes or marijuana stocks are likely to succeed. The Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell explain what you need to consider before investing in these growing markets.

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Following the underwhelming debut of its Keurig 2.0, Keurig Green Mountain has pegged its future success to the Kold beverage system.

Meanwhile, Skullcandy moves forward with its expansion efforts as its multi-year turnaround seemingly takes hold. With both stocks suffering significant losses year-to-date, is this the right time for investors to buy?

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While the broader market has begun to stabilize after macro concerns pushed down stocks the past two weeks, there are still several tech companies that have yet to rebound, thanks to some idiosyncratic concerns. Are these companies bargains for a reason, or do they belong on your watchlist?

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On this energy edition of Industry Focus we take a look at what's going on with oil prices, how its impacting producers, and what investors can do about it.

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Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell discuss whether investors ought to be buying 3 of biotech's worst performing stocks over the past month.

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After years of building its subscriber base with a vast library of content, Netflix is making a risky bet that will see it lose thousands of popular movies in favor of exclusive titles. Is the company making another Qwikster-like mistake or preparing itself for a bright, new future?

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