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We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Here's a grab bag episode on Wells Fargo's sales tactics, the state of the housing market, and an end-of-year to-do list for your investment accounts.

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This holiday, we’re thankful for innovation, passion, and greater purpose in the healthcare sector.

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From its origins to present day, we dive into this annual tradition and its impact on the retail industry.

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On this episode we talk about what 13Fs are, shorting stocks, and a Gallup poll about how well do ordinary people understand the basics of their own finances.

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We tackle how new investors should think about buying stocks, what to look for in potential dividend investments, and cover mistakes some investors make by focusing on the wrong metric.

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Continuing with our dividend week theme, we take a deeper dive into why its so much more difficult for energy and materials companies to maintain dividends and what investors should look for in a dividend stock that deals in commodities.

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Understanding the anatomy of great dividend paying healthcare stocks, including what to look for and what to avoid. 

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Retailers have sold off and that’s good news for income investors, particularly those willing to take a close look at department store operator Macy’s.

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It's Dividend Week on Industry Focus and today we learn about dividend stocks in general and in the financial industry in particular.

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Following earnings, several big name tech stocks took a beating. We discuss Pandora, FireEye and HP and see what's caused their dips and debate whether they can earn their way back to "buy" status.

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Oil's low prices have stuck around much longer than so many originally thought. Now, more than a year later, we're starting to see companies buckle under the pressure. Our energy team looks at the implications and the lesson to learn from these companies' demise.

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Exelixis has a newly approved melanoma drug hitting the market soon and Colorado voters will weigh in on universal healthcare in 2016.

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Traditional apparel retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom have limped through 2015. What is driving weakness in the sector, and what should investors watch in the latest quarter?

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Tune in for discussions on the NYCB-Astoria Financial merger, New York Mellon Bank, and whether or not CEOs should live near HQ.

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On this episode we talk earnings numbers, some cool stats from the conference call and check in on Facebook’s other big internet properties.

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Energy results are as diverse as the industry itself, and Motley Fool’s Tyler Crowe, Taylor Muckerman and Sean O’Reilly weigh in.

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Motley Fools dig into recent announcements that could impact the marijuana and hepatitis C markets next year.

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