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The IF crew is looking back at some of their favorite episodes of 2016 . . .

Companies love to include equity grants in employee compensation, but how does it impact investors?

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The IF crew is looking back at some of their favorite episodes of 2016 . . .

Oil Producers have business models that make them unique on Wall Street, here's what you need to know. 


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The IF crew is looking back at some of their favorite episodes of 2016 . . .

These been-there-done-that leaders are at the helm of four different emerging companies that investors should be paying attention to.

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The IF crew is looking back at some of their favorite episodes of 2016 . . .

From the apparel industry to your local grocery store, metrics like inventory turnover can tell investors a lot about a company and its operations. But in the words of one of the most well-known CEOs today, should management treat inventory as “fundamentally evil”?


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The IF crew is looking back at some of their favorite episodes of 2016 . . .

Can improving your writing skills boost your investing returns?


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We look ahead to the new year and make a few predictions about wearables, M&A, and where big tech companies will be focusing their resources.

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Big players are starting to make big moves as the energy markets gain some certainty -- here's what you need to know. 

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Stuffing holiday stockings with... stocks! Stocks that benefit from the Cure's Act; plus top healthcare stocks to buy in 2017.  

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From the perennial No. 3 fast food chain to a recovering soda company, the team picks their two favorite stocks of the year that surprised the market before turning their attention to 2017 and beyond.

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Need a last minute present? Or maybe you know someone who could use a little book learning? Check out the Motley Fool’s book list!

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A long overdue update on the autonomous driving space -- Alphabet's decision to turn it's self-driving car project into an Alphabet subsidiary, what's going on over at Apple, and why Uber is causing problems in San Francisco.

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The energy sector is getting strong representation in the Trump administration, and here’s what investors need to know.

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Alexion's top-brass has hit the exits amid an investigation into sales practices, and Ophthotech's future is in jeopardy following a high-profile phase 3 failure.

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DirecTV Now is supposed to represent the future of content delivery, but this new service has a long way to go before it makes a difference to AT&T shareholders. And Netflix finally gives in to demands for offline viewing.

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China is welcoming foreign investors to its markets, but should investors accept the invitation?

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Rumors are swirling that Sirius XM is interested in acquiring the streaming music company. It doesn't make sense at first glance, but Pandora might "get by with a little help from {Sirius'} friends."

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OPEC finally cut production for the first time in 8 years – here’s some of the top plays leveraged to decreasing supplies.

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The 21st Century Cures Act ignites innovation with perks to biopharma and medical device makers. Also, Kite Pharma and Novartis prep plans to pitch their CAR-T cancer therapies to the FDA.

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Under Armour announced last week that it would be changing the ticker symbols for its publicly traded A and C shares, but the real story here is the large spread in where those two stocks are trading. We welcome Seth McNew to discuss dual share classes, founder Kevin Plank, and trends for the sports apparel industry.

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It’s tempting to think that the American economy is still struggling to recover from the financial crisis, but the data says otherwise. Eight years after the Crash of 1929, the U.S. economy was still mired in the Great Depression. Fast forward to today, eight years after the financial crisis, which was the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, and the economy is looking as robust as ever. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield talk about the state of the U.S. economy right now, digging through the statistics and trends that matter most. 



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Facebook recently announced a $6 billion share buyback authorization, but investors shouldn’t expect to see the company’s total shares outstanding dip any time soon. We explain why and draw on a couple other examples to show how buybacks are generally used a little differently in tech.

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After nearly three decades of claiming the industry is a terrible place to invest, the Oracle of Omaha recently purchased shares in several major airlines – is this a major shift?

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Shares in Juno Therapeutics and Amicus Therapeutics tumble on disappointing news; and one important drug at Pfizer takes a big step forward. 

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With hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into exchange-traded funds, we offer an introduction of how ETFs can serve your investing needs and how to leverage them specifically for the consumer and retail sector.

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The end of the year is packed with holidays, family, and a million things to do — but it’s also your last opportunity to take advantage of potential tax deductions. Don’t let the chaos of the holiday season distract you from saving money and taking care of other miscellaneous personal finance activities. Join Motley Fool host Gaby Lapera as she chats about tax lowering strategies and FSAs with Dan Caplinger, an expert on personal finance. Find out what you need to do before the end of the year!

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A cancer drugmaker, a marijuana drug researcher, and an insurer are serving up tasty performance this holiday season. 

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As the holiday shopping season continues to make its outsized contribution to the top and bottom lines of our favorite companies, we look at the forecasts and key retail trends that will come into play this year. Black Friday may be losing its luster, but hundreds of billions of dollars are still up for grabs in the coming weeks.

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No sector of the stock market has benefited more from Donald Trump's win in the presidential election than banks, with shares of the biggest banks in America climbing by upwards of 20% over the past two weeks.

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Amazon and Domino's are aiming to reduce friction anywhere they can in the ordering process. Are they on to something, or are their tactics just gimmicks?

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With GoPro’s crash-laden release of its Karma drone, some may be calling the future of consumer-facing drones into the question. In today’s Industry Focus podcast, Dylan Lewis and Taylor Muckerman discuss various uses for drones in the oil and gas sector, along with some companies that are a step ahead of their competition.  

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Is shareholder dilution always a bad thing? What does it mean for you as an individual investor? What does it mean for activist investors? In this special crossover episode of Industry Focus, Kristine Harjes and Gaby Lapera present two case studies in healthcare and financials to illustrate the complexities of shareholder dilution.

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Mash-up week continues on Industry Focus as we look at six major consumer trends and their close counterparts in the healthcare industry.

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Join the Motley Fool’s Michael Douglass and Gaby Lapera as they dive into the exciting world of healthcare REITs. It’s crossover week on Industry Focus again! When healthcare and financials collide, you get interesting investing opportunities. On this show, Bureau Chief Michael Douglass and Gaby Lapera chat about what a real estate investment trust is, the exciting world of healthcare REITs, and two companies that might interest you in that space. 

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With some post-election market uncertainty looming, we talk about a few dividend stocks we like and explain why it does (and doesn't) make sense to reinvest the dividends those companies pay out.

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The United States has made its choice, here’s how President Trump’s policies will likely affect these dynamic sectors of the economy.

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The election of Donald Trump creates challenges and opportunities across the industry.

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Rumors have emerged that the leading name in e-commerce is evaluating and testing plans for retail store concepts with the potential to create a footprint of 2,000 locations across the country. How viable is this strategy, and what kind of impact would it actually have for a company generating over $120 billion in annual revenue? The cast also discusses new details for the upcoming DirecTV Now service.

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The banking industry loses one of its most important executives while institutions wage war on fees.

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Amazon and Twitter reported last week, but the Street only seemed to like one of the earnings releases. We explain why, and why there's more to the story for each company.

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GE just placed a big bet on the energy industry – could this be a sign of better days ahead?

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Drugmakers can generate future growth by inking collaboration deals or buying competitors outright. Is one approach better than the other?

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Though the original loyalty programs date back as far as the Revolutionary War, the explosion of such offerings to everything from airlines and supermarkets to coffee shops and restaurants did not take hold until the late 20th century. We look at why businesses are so eager to sign up customers and how two companies are leveraging their own programs to succeed.

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Estate planning isn't a fun topic, but it's a vital one to tackle in order to take care of your loved ones. In this Halloween edition of Industry Focus: Financials, Fool analyst Gaby Lapera and Dan Caplinger, the Fool's director of investment planning, talk about this scary subject, breaking it down into manageable bits that you can plan for. You'll learn what documents you need, whether a will or trust is better for you, various types of trusts, the taxes that some estates have to pay, and how you can tell your loved ones what they'll need to know after your death. Make it your Halloween resolution to tackle your estate planning and put a plan in place that will protect your family from financial harm.

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It's our favorite show of the quarter! Apple reported earnings last week, we look at the major segments, digest the guidance the company offered up, and discuss some issues analysts raised during the conference call.

Thanks to Criquet for supporting the Motley Fool.  For 20% off your first purchase, go to and use the promo code “fool”.

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Schlumberger and Halliburton are already increasing rates amidst what they say is a recovery in oil, Taylor Muckerman and Sean O’Reilly dive in to learn just what this means for investors. Thanks to Criquet for supporting Motley Fool.  For 20% off your first purchase, go to and use the promo code fool.

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Why staying the course with Intuitive Surgical and Illumina could be investors most profit-friendly move.

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One company boasts millions of wireless, Internet, and pay-TV subscribers – the other a portfolio of leading entertainment properties spanning film, television, video games, and digital mediums. We look at the potential behind this massive acquisition, the steep regulatory hurdles, and major points of consideration for shareholders of each company. Thanks to Criquet for supporting the Motley Fool.  For 20% off your first purchase, go to and use the promo code “fool”.

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 If you want to improve your performance as an investor, you need to boost your critical thinking skills.

Studies have shown that the average investor tends to underperform the market. Why does this happen? It all boils down to the way we make decisions.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield dig into how investors, and people more generally, can improve their critical thinking skills and thereby boost the performance of their portfolios.

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Answering a listener question, we talk about what the introduction of an activist investor might mean for a company and its shareholders.

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After over a year of speculation that the world’s largest tech company was poised to become an auto manufacture, Apple has reportedly backed off – here’s why.

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Every diversified portfolio needs global exposure. We dive into some of the benefits and risks involved with international stocks.

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For supertrend no. 2, we look at the SKU, or stock keeping unit. Retail and consumer companies must strike the right balance between product breadth and operational complexity to succeed, and SKU rationalization (or reduction) lies at the heart of that challenge. Initiatives at Unilever and Procter & Gamble exemplify the efforts companies are taking in this space.

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Business Development Companies (BDCs) are primarily small caps, but their dividends are anything but small. The industry offers investors double-digit dividend yields earned primarily by lending to, and investing in, companies that are too small for Wall Street. High yields come with high risks, however, and there is little public information about the investments that BDCs hold on their balance sheets.

In this edition of Industry Focus: Financials, join The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and Jordan Wathen as they discuss the ins and outs of BDCs, the rise of activism in the sector, and why investors may be better off avoiding this industry than investing in it.

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The Galaxy Note 7 line has officially been axed. What does it mean for Samsung and who could benefit from the fallout?

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Can oil companies use drones to reap bigger profits?

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated Obamacare during the second Presidential debate. Here's what they said, why they said it, and whether their comments during the debate were true of false.

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With the recently announced $4.5 billion deal, the combined entity will employ 40,000 employees in 180 stores and feature millions of square footage of hunting, fishing, and camping equipment. The cast also take a look at Costco following its break-up with American Express. Thanks to Tommy John for supporting Motley Fool. Go to and use the promo code “fool” to get 20% off your first order!


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Tune in as Joe Magyer and Gaby Lapera talk about leverage, return on assets, and whether or not to buy Australian banks. 

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We look at recently public Nutanix, explain what they do and break down their business.

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Taser International just lost a big client, but things aren’t always what they seem.

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The approval of Medtronic's artificial pancreas system ushers in a new era for type 1 diabetes treatment. Plus, a new study includes some surprising revelations regarding medical marijuana.


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From the shoes on your feet to your daily dose of caffeine, many consumer and retail companies are giving people the opportunity to add a flair of customization to the products they buy, generating growth and brand loyalty in the process.

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Index funds are one of the hottest products in the world of investing. Here’s why they’re so popular, and why investors are choosing index funds over traditional mutual funds.

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Twilio is up 400% from where it priced shares when it went public in June -- there are a lot of reasons to like the cloud communication company, but can the company keep growing fast enough to justify the valuation?

Thanks to Pearl Auto for supporting the Motley Fool. Go to to get FREE two-day shipping!

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For the first time since the Great Recession, OPEC has agreed to cut production – but things might not be what they seem.

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These money-saving tips can take some of  the sting out of skyrocketing healthcare costs. 

Thanks to Pearl Auto for supporting the Motley Fool. Go to to get FREE two-day shipping!

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Over 30 million Americans lack access to high-speed, broadband internet connections due to the prohibitive cost of connecting rural households, but AT&T wants to leverage the country’s existing utility infrastructure to service this large market. Meanwhile, we provide an update on the volatile situation at Viacom.


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ITT Tech’s bankruptcy could mark the beginning of the end for for-profit colleges and universities.

Colleges and universities that are designed to make a profit could soon be a thing of the past, as federal regulators have begun zeroing in on the industry’s habit of exploiting students. The last example of this is ITT Tech, which recently filed for bankruptcy after losing access to federally backed student loans.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield discuss the latest developments in the for-profit education space.

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Several companies are reportedly interested in buying Twitter. Do any of the rumors make sense, and how should Twitter shareholders feel?

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Exxon Mobil’s oil reserves have been barely marked down at all, despite the two year downtown, is the SEC right to be suspicious or is Exxon truly an outlier?

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Hit or miss data, delays, and contentious debate preceded the FDA's green-lighting of the first drug to target the cause of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman wowed industry followers yesterday with the highly-anticipated Karma drone, which investors hope will present the company with a new multi-billion dollar opportunity. But consumer drones are just a small part of the story for this emerging technology.

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Not all banks mistreat their customers, the trick is to identify and avoid the ones that do.

The recent revelation that Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), the nation’s third biggest bank by assets, systematically defrauded customers from 2011 to 2015 could leave people wondering how to choose a good bank. That’s the topic of this week’s edition of Industry Focus: Financials.

Tune in to hear The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield discuss the latest updates in the Wells Fargo case, as well as the things to look for (and avoid) when choosing a bank. 

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We break down what features to expect with the iPhone 7 and what we know about pre-orders so far.

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A bevy of deals have been announced recently, is this a sign that oil & gas’s fortunes are about to change?

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Unraveling the ins and outs of Medicare, including what it covers, what it costs, and what stocks move higher or lower because of it.

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Coca-Cola and PepsiCo may dominate the headlines, but the No. 4 beverage company has made its mark in this fast growing niche. Meanwhile, billionaire investor Bill Ackman has made Chipotle his next project.


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Wells Fargo opened 2 million unauthorized accounts for unwitting customers.

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Companies love to include equity grants in employee compensation, but how does it impact investors?

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There’s more to valuing stocks than P/E ratios and net income.

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Revealing the difference between small molecule drugs and biologics and illustrating why cash and equivalents is the most important line item on biotech balance sheets.

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School is in session on Industry Focus as we provide a 101-style overview of important investing topics. First up: return on invested capital with real world examples from Buffalo Wild Wings, Whole Foods Market, and Marriott International.

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We run through a Fool U class on how to spot disruptive companies and a few caveats to keep in mind as you look.

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This traditionally "Red" state is leading the way with wind power generation, and that has big ramifications for investors.

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Americans are spending more money on their pets than ever before and that's good news for people investing in these pet stocks.

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McDonald’s and Wal-Mart -- the two biggest names in their respective industries. Steve Easterbrook and Doug McMillon -- the two men who have risen through the ranks over two decades and now hold the reins at each company. Facing major headwinds, we look at these massive businesses and how their CEOs are leading them into the future.

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 As school starts up, make sure your money can make the grade.

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We talk about one of the toughest decisions an investor faces -- when to sell a stock.

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Driverless car technology will be available to any automaker that wants it by 2019 – here’s what investors need to know.

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An EpiPen pricing debacle, an unexpected FDA rejection, and a sticker-shock inspiring M&A deal led to wild moves in Mylan N.V., Portola Pharmaceuticals, and Medivation this week.


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BAMTech currently provides the streaming infrastructure for the MLB, NHL, WWE, and even HBO -- Disney and ESPN will soon be the latest names to join that list. We also revisit the drama surrounding Viacom and the fight for control of the company.


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If one stock recommendation is good, how about four? Everybody likes a good stock recommendation. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool's Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield talk about four stocks that they like right now. Listen in to hear about two industries that seem to offer opportunities for bargain hunters, as well as one popular stock that's seen its price cut in half over the past year.


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Following this week's survey of the payment landscape on the Financials show, we do a deep dive into payments and services company Square.

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The devil is in the details when comparing Canadian and U.S. Oil Stocks. 

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Insurers and Washington clash over Obamacare profitability and marijuana advocates get dealt a big blow by the DEA on this week's Industry Focus Healthcare.


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Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and J.C. Penney investors must be smiling as all four companies have enjoyed 20% share price gains since reporting their second quarter results last week. Adam Levine-Weinberg joins Industry Focus to break down the earnings and what the future holds for major department stores.


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Every month trillions of dollars of transactions move around digital networks between consumers, merchants, and banks. Payment processors are the companies that make all that commerce possible, and in 2016, the business of payment processing is good.

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Several key execs have stepped down from their posts at Alphabet subsidiaries in the past few months. We explain why investors shouldn't worry too much.

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Earnings season is upon us and some of the oil & gas industry’s top names are announcing plans to increase production in spite of stubbornly low oil prices.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo came up short in a key lung cancer trial, causing shares to plummet. Should investors panic?

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In the past week, two major companies have written large checks to buy into what they believe represents the future of their businesses. Time Warner inked the first deal as it paid over $580 million for a 10% stake in Hulu. And just days later, Wal-Mart announced its $3.3 billion acquisition of

Direct download: 08092016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:30pm EDT

If you thought earnings season was coming to a close, think again. Earnings season for high-yield business development companies is just beginning.

Direct download: 08092016_IF_Financials_Patched.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:30pm EDT

Chris Hill joins the podcast to talk about HBO's Silicon Valley and the different aspects of the tech start up world it explores.

Direct download: IF08052016_Final.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:54pm EDT

Popular culture is replete with examples of evil oil executives – but is their reputation deserved?

Direct download: 08042016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:00pm EDT

The doctors on TV make it look like curing disease is simple and that the hospital industry is exciting, but the reality is far different than the fiction. Also, how one big challenge for charity paid off with a new advance in researching a deadly disease.

Direct download: 08032016_IF_healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:09pm EDT

Our latest theme week combines pop culture and investing as we look at the business behind cable news networks via HBO’s “The Newsroom”. And taking a page from Michael Lewis, we discuss lesser known companies that can deliver for shareholders like the Oakland A’s surprised baseball fans in his 2003 book, “Moneyball”.

Direct download: 08022016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:22pm EDT

Pop songs might blend into the background of your morning drive – but do they have hidden messages about personal finance?

Tune in to hear Jason Moser, Mark Reeth, and Gaby Lapera weigh in on pre-nuptial agreements, budgeting, and conspicuous consumption.

Direct download: 160801_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:39am EDT

Apple and Facebook released their quarterly results this week. We run through the headline numbers and dig into each company's report.

Direct download: 07292016_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:50am EDT

Oil Producers have business models that make them unique on Wall Street, here's what you need to know. 

Direct download: 07282016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:11pm EDT

These been-there-done-that leaders are at the helm of four different emerging companies that investors should be paying attention to.

Direct download: 07272016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:44pm EDT

We welcome special guest Rana Pritanjali to give us the latest insights on Unilever, the $1 billion buyout of Dollar Shave Club, a future without Game of Thrones, and more.

Direct download: 07262016_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
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On this week’s episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield discuss second-quarter bank earnings.

Direct download: 07252016_IF_Financials.mp3
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Stock market darling Netflix has had a rough 2016 so far and the company’s recent earnings report didn’t make things any easier for the streaming giant. Simon Erickson hops on the podcast to talk through the numbers and how he’s thinking about the business.

Direct download: 07222016_IF_Tech_RePost.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 4:34am EDT

Elon Musk is going all-in on a carbon free future.

Direct download: 07212016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:15pm EDT

What you should know about Juno Therapeutics' recent cancer trial stop and restart. Also, we help you prep for biopharma's second quarter earnings deluge.

Direct download: 07202016_IF_.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

With year after year of declining soda sales, increasingly health-conscious consumers seem ready to give up these sugary drinks, but industry leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi have plenty up their sleeves to deliver another century of success.

Direct download: 160719_IF_Consumer.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:22pm EDT

Banco Santander, S.A. (NYSE: SAN ) may be the largest international bank no one really talks about. With a branch network nearly three times larger than Bank of America (NYSE: BAC ) and about $1.5 trillion in assets in geographies that include Spain, the UK, and Latin America, it is undoubtedly one of the world’s most complex retail banking institutions. 

Direct download: 07182016_IF_Financials.mp3
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We break down the biggest tech public offering so far in 2016, messaging service Line, and discuss why it’s such an interesting IPO.

Direct download: 160715_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:00pm EDT

Government investigations, Forbes articles, and Twitter arguments abound – but what do Tesla Motors' competitors think of the fateful accident?

Direct download: 160714_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:56pm EDT

Exploring how healthcare companies create demand for their products. What’s legal, what’s not, and what are the key takeaways for investors? Joining in on today’s discussion is Brian Feroldi, a Motley Fool healthcare writers who spent more than a decade working in the industry.

Direct download: 160713_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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We welcome Seth McNew to detail his experience at the opening ceremony and tour of UA Lighthouse, the company’s newest manufacturing facility in Baltimore, which features some of the high-tech initiatives that Kevin Plank believes will lay the foundation for his company’s future success.

Direct download: 160712_IF_Consumer.mp3
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Even though the Federal Reserve has been in existence for over a century, it remains a point of political contention. What is it about the Fed that makes it so controversial? And what does history tell us about the institution’s founding as well as its performance over the first century of its operation?

Roger Lowenstein, author of America’s Bank, which tells the story of the Fed’s establishment, speaks to these issues on this week’s episode of Industry Focus: Financials.

Check out Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans:

Direct download: 160711_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:22pm EDT

We examine the online dating space and its market share leader, Match Group.

Direct download: IF_07082016_FINAL.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:54am EDT

The downturn in oil has forced companies to become even more efficient - and that means they require a lower oil price to make profits.

Direct download: IF_07072016_FINAL.mp3
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We compare Biogen's and Celgene's current valuations and consider what might be in store for Gilead Sciences now that its new hepatitis C drug is approved.

Direct download: 07062016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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We talk value investing in tech to follow up our P/E episode on growth investing. Analyst John Rotonti explains some key metrics he looks at and discusses a few companies he really likes in the tech space.

Direct download: 07012016_IF_Tech.mp3
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Volkswagen’s price tag to settle its emissions cheating scandal are now over $15 billion, but is it possible that the worst is behind the German auto maker?

Direct download: 06302016_IF_Energy.mp3
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Digesting how the U.K. decision to exit the EU could impact healthcare stocks here and abroad.

Direct download: 06292016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Is Sin City losing its edge? Special guest Seth McNew gives us a firsthand account of the evolving economy and landscape in Las Vegas as companies look to opportunities outside the smoky casino floor.

Direct download: 06282016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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Last week’s vote in the United Kingdom to separate from the European Union is the most important thing to happen on the global stage since the end of World War II, rivaling only China’s moves in the 1970s and 1980s to participate actively in the global economy.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s John Maxfield and Gaby Lapera put the vote in historical perspective and explain why it has hit stock prices so hard. Then, Dan Caplinger and Gaby follow-up with investing strategies for the economic dip.

Direct download: IF_06272016.mp3
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We wrap up interns ask week with a question Peter Lynch would love and a discussion of how to "invest in what you know."

Direct download: 06242016_IF_Tech.mp3
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Land rig counts that drill for oil & gas have risen 3 weeks in a row, is this the first sign of a turnaround in the sector?

Direct download: 06232016_IF_Energy.mp3
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Insurers can make or break drug developers, politicians can derail profits, and tax inversions are dead in the water -- should investors avoid healthcare stocks?

Direct download: 06222016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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The theme for this week of Industry Focus brings Motley Fool’s summer interns into the studio to learn more about different industries and companies. Minashsha Lamisa wants to know: “What are the potential effects of the recent Orlando tragedy on the gun industry?”

Direct download: 06212016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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It’s interns week on the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Financials edition podcast, a special week when this summer’s most Foolish interns have the chance to pepper host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins with all the financial industry related questions they’ve been thinking but never had the chance to ask.  

Direct download: 06202016_IF_Financials.mp3
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We run through Microsoft’s $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn, explain the details of the deal and whether or not it makes sense.

Direct download: 160618_IF_Tech.mp3
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Explaining diabetes, its various treatment options, and what the future may have in store for this disease.

Direct download: 160615_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Major U.S. automakers trade at historically low valuations despite huge sales success and spectacular profits. How can this be? The Motley Fool’s John Rosevear and Sean O’Reilly dive in.

Direct download: 06162016_IF_Energy.mp3
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Coinciding nicely with National Bourbon Day, we look at the latest developments in the alcohol industry from a spin-off at Constellation Brands to the incredible growth of new “beer” categories and a controversial offering from SodaStream.

Direct download: 06142016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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There’s more to a fund than just its name. Here’s how to do deep due diligence into the mutual funds in your retirement account.

For video highlights of our Fool Fest Digital Pass go to

Direct download: 06132016_IF_Finan.mp3
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The video game industry is booming thanks to strong consumer demand, the rise of Esports, and the franchise extensions into other forms of media. Analyst David Kretzman joins us to talk about some trends to watch and his favorite company in the space. 

Direct download: 06102016_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:18pm EDT

Elon Musk’s pet project SpaceX is still a private company, but would you invest in it if the situation was otherwise?

Direct download: 06092016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:18pm EDT

What cancer drug companies came out ahead at this weekend's ASCO conference and a closer look at Biogen's recent disappointment.

Direct download: 06082016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:41pm EDT

With massive, multi-billion dollar valuations, unicorn start-ups Uber and Lyft are locked in an intense, sometimes controversial, race to become the ride of choice for users all over the world. We look at the stories behind each company and how their expansion plans are pushing them into complementary industries like delivery and driverless cars, often with the help of industry incumbents. 

Direct download: 06072016_IF_Consgoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:11pm EDT

Understanding the ins and outs of individual retirement accounts can give your retirement savings a jump-start. 

Direct download: 06062016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:39pm EDT

We discuss the P/E ratio and what it implies. Premium analyst Simon Erickson joins the show to explain how some Fools’ mentality towards the metric is different than most investors.


Direct download: 06032016_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:47pm EDT

Tune in to hear why Petrobras and Vale, two Brazilian energy companies that seem to be bottoming out, might not be worth the potential upside amidst seemingly endless corruption scandals.

Also, our analysts look at the most important points from OPEC’s meeting this week, and why 2015 clocked the lowest level of oil finds we’ve seen in six decades.


Direct download: 160602_IF_Energy.mp3
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Investing gurus are snapping up shares in healthcare companies, but investors should do their own research before buying too.

Direct download: 160601_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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From mental competency hearings to billionaire family trusts and rebelling management, Viacom has become the stage for a very public, very ugly dispute between ailing media mogul Sumner Redstone, his daughter, and the company’s CEO and Board of Directors. But what about the company’s long-term business prospects?

Direct download: 05312016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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This episode we go inside Apple’s supply chain, explain the contract manufacturing model that the company uses, and highlight a few manufacturers to show how many different pieces go into the iPhone.

Direct download: 160527_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:09pm EDT

It’s found in the ground and winds up in your gas tank – but who makes money making this process happen?  

Direct download: 05262016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:14pm EDT

Walking investors through drug discovery, development, and approval and how to profit at each stage along the way.

Direct download: 05252016_IF_HC.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:24pm EDT

For over 20 years, Chipotle has prided itself on fresh, quality ingredients sourced from only the best vendors – in other words, “food with integrity”. Asit Sharma joins Industry Focus to discuss the company’s suppliers, its high standards, and some of the growing pains Chipotle has encountered adapting its supply chain to work for over 2,000 restaurants.

Direct download: 05242016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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How interest rates have shaped stocks and the economy since the Great Depression.

If you want to understand the last century of finance, it helps to have a general idea about the trend in interest rates since the 1930s. Not only does this explain the spectacular bull market that began in 1982 and ended when the technology bubble burst in 2000, but it also helps one understand why and how the U.S. economy grew so rapidly during this stretch.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield kickoff lifecycle week by discussing how and why interest rates have gone full circle since the Great Depression.



Direct download: 05232016_IF_Financials_PreRec.mp3
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Wearables industry expert and long-time fan of the Fool Ramon T. Llamas joins us to talk about his team’s work at IDC, what’s going on in the smartwatch and fitness wearables markets, and some trends to watch in the next couple quarters.

Direct download: 05202016_IF_Tech_prerecord.mp3
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Shell Oil is feeling the strain of its massive debt load, and just announced plans to do something about it.  


Direct download: 05192016_Energy_prerecord.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

Peter Lynch once said “never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.” Does that hold true in the highly scientific world of biopharma? Find out in this special edition of Industry Focus: Healthcare with Motley Fool healthcare analysts Kristine Harjes and Max Macaluso.

Direct download: 160518_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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From the apparel industry to your local grocery store, metrics like inventory turnover can tell investors a lot about a company and its operations. But in the words of one of the most well-run retailers today, should management treat inventory as “fundamentally evil”?

Direct download: 05172016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:59pm EDT

After a very difficult first quarter, it’s time to reevaluate the online marketplace model.

On this Financials edition of The Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast, host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins go beyond the headlines in their discussion to explain why these problems are much more than a short term speed bump. 

How did these companies get to this low point? What will it take for them to turn it around? Is it ever a good idea to make puns about something as boring as banking? To find out the answers to these questions and more, listen now.

Direct download: 160516_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:31pm EDT

Inspired by a Seinfeld clip, we dive into the topic of write-offs and the different forms they take. A special thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast. Listeners can get a free 30 day trial at

Direct download: 05132016_IF_RePLace.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:21pm EDT

Tesla’s sky high valuation prices the company for perfection; is this warranted or should investors beware?

Direct download: 160512_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:50pm EDT

GlaxoSmithKline takes on Pfizer and Biogen battles Celgene in this healthcare edition of Industry Focus.

Direct download: 05112016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:26pm EDT

Big changes are happening in the world of entertainment and coffee consumption, here’s how investors can position their portfolios.

Direct download: 05102016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:55am EDT

There's reason to believe that they will.

It's been nearly eight years since the financial crisis, yet Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) is still earning half as much money as it should be given its size. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool's Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield discuss the role that Bank of America's 2008 purchase of Merrill Lynch plays in its subpar profitability. Thanks to Audible for supporting this episode. Get a free 30-day trial at

Direct download: 05092016_IF_Final.mp3
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We discuss stock splits, the strategy behind them, and why Facebook announced they were using C shares to offer investors a 3-to-1 split.

Direct download: 05062016_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:20pm EDT

If Tesla Motors plans for growth and its new Model 3 weren't ambitious enough, it now wants to make it all happen by 2018. Plus, earnings from Royal Dutch Shell, BHP Billiton & Vale's nightmare situation, and we dip into the mailbag.


Direct download: 05052016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:46pm EDT

Discussing the details behind the FDA's negative vote on Sarepta's DMD drug and Gilead Sciences' sliding hepatitis C sales.

Direct download: 05042016_IF_HEalthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:09pm EDT

At $3.8 billion, Dreamworks founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg called the buyout “the deal I’d always hoped would come along.” But after a major restructuring and string of box office disappointments for the animation studio, is Comcast getting its money’s worth?

Direct download: 05032016_IF_consumergoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:59am EDT

Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting is often referred to as “Woodstock for capitalists.”  Join us to learn why… from someone who was there!

Direct download: 05022016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:33pm EDT

We call on old Industry Focus host Nathan Hamilton to run through Apple’s recent earnings report and provide some perspective on how the company has changed in the past year.

Direct download: 160429_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:21am EDT

What we got right and what we got incredibly wrong in our predictions for the energy sector two years ago.

Direct download: 160428_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:50am EDT

Some things never change – and in healthcare, we sometimes feel like we’re talking about the same stuff year in and year out. Join us as we cover some stories that were a big deal in 2014, check in on how they’re going now, and predict some major trends in 2018.

Direct download: 160427_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:20am EDT

We welcome fellow Fool Mark Reeth this week to look back at some of the top consumer and retail investing stories from his time covering the industry.

Direct download: 04262016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:34pm EDT

Industry Focus: Financials gets in its time machine to check in with David Hanson, one of the former hosts of the show. Gaby Lapera and David chat about his investing hypotheses for mega banks from two years ago and whether or not they still hold up. Is everything different? Have things changed at all? Tune in to find out.

Direct download: 160425_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:19pm EDT

As companies start to report earnings, we take a look at some of the big themes from the energy, industrial manufacturing, and airlines sector. Plus, investors fight back against excessive CEO pay and whether you should be excited about the Saudi Aramco IPO on the New York Stock exchange


Direct download: 04222016_IF_Energ.mp3
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Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel are two of the most successful tech investors around; tune in to learn their secrets.

Direct download: 160421_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:40pm EDT

Make more profit-friendly decisions by developing a specific and repeatable process for evaluating stocks.

Direct download: 04202016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:12pm EDT

The sporting goods industry has become the latest example of how competition and disruption are forcing everyone from big box chains to mom and pop stores to adapt to the new world order in retail.

Direct download: 04192016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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Bank stocks are up, but only because the largest U.S. banks did less bad than Wall Street expected.

On this financials edition of the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast, host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins try to make sense of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly first quarter numbers at the nation’s largest banks.

Direct download: 160418_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:16am EDT

We swear capital allocation is sexy! On this episode we explain what it is, the different strategies businesses use for maximizing shareholder value, and profile two companies – one that has done a great job... and one that hasn’t.

Direct download: 160415_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:28am EDT

Peabody Energy's Chapter 11 filing this week has led to many saying "it's the brutal coal market", but we take a look at why there is much more to the story. Plus: dividend cuts at National Oilwell Varco, Alcoa's earnings, and what's on our radar.

Direct download: 160414_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:26am EDT

Intuitive Surgical's robotic surgery and Illumina's DNA sequencers are reshaping healthcare.

Direct download: 160413_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:55am EDT

The state of Macau in 2016: a look at how bad the regulations have hurt, and how a few companies are working to recover.

Direct download: 160412_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:25am EDT

Can improving your writing skills boost your investing returns?

Direct download: 04112016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:37pm EDT

On this episode we recap everything we know about Google’s self-driving car project.

Direct download: 160408_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 4:12pm EDT

 It is becoming more and more apparent that solar and wind energy is not only changing the way in which we produce power, it's completely upending the whole electricity industry. We take a deeper look at the nuances of investing in the renewable energy field. Plus, Halliburton's deal faces another hurdle and we celebrate national beer day.

Direct download: 04072016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:17pm EDT

The ins-and-outs of Pfizer and Allergan's failed $160 billion merger.

Direct download: 04062016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:07pm EDT

Thomas Staggs joined Disney 25 years ago and has left an impressive mark on the company in his various roles, including CFO and chairman of the Parks and Resorts segment. Just last year, he seemed to be a shoo-in for future CEO, but with his sudden resignation, the company and its investors must now grapple with renewed uncertainty as Bob Iger approaches his 2018 retirement.

Direct download: 04052016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:04pm EDT

Insurance companies can be tremendous investments, if you know what to look for. Here’s the simple breakdown of a very complicated industry.

Direct download: 04042016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:55pm EDT

We unveil our newest product, Motley Fools Rush In and talk with the product manager Ilan Moscovitz. To show off the exciting new investment opportunities available to everyday individuals, we shine a spotlight on one of the platform’s first investment opportunities, Park Slope Pizza Society and chat with the owner Buddy Swole.

Direct download: 04012016_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:05pm EDT

We dig into why oil companies haven't been able to replace their production with new reserves lately and the ripple effects it will have a cross the industry. Plus, Sean tests his knowledge of the American power industry with an energy quiz.

Direct download: 03312016_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:40am EDT

Here's how cable companies are thriving when customers are cutting their cords, and what you need to know about spectrum auctions.

Direct download: 160329_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:02pm EDT

Merck, Gilead Sciences, and Ionis get a verdict in their patent suit, and Congressmen call for a patent review of Medivation's Xtandi.

Direct download: 03302016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:41pm EDT

It is no exaggeration to say that banks, and the credit they provide, grease the wheels of the American economy. But a look back at the last 150 years of banking reveals that the path hasn’t always been smooth for the nation’s leading lenders, including JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), and Citigroup (NYSE: C).

In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield trace this past back to the 1860s, when the modern American banking system was established to help the Union Army finance the Civil War.

Direct download: 03282016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:30pm EDT

On this episode we reflect on the tough market conditions from earlier this year and some lessons we learned along the way.

Direct download: 160325_IF_Tech.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:28pm EDT

After a recent court decision that puts once sacred pipeline contracts, some contractors are looking to renegotiate more lenient terms. Plus, the trouble with LNG, another bump in the Halliburton-Baker Hughes merger, and answering mailbag questions. 

Direct download: 160324_IF_Energy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:52pm EDT

The Motley Fool discusses how investors might want to think about Valeant Pharmaceuticals' share price tailspin and marijuana drugmaker GW Pharmaceuticals' skyrocketing valuation.

Direct download: 160323_IF_Healthcare.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:21pm EDT

In a surprising move to investors and customers alike, the “Amazon Cable Store” is officially here, offering television, Internet, and phone bundles from Comcast that feature the e-commerce leader’s simple ordering process and a dedicated customer service team.

Meanwhile, Under Armour finalizes its long-delayed stock split as we consider the implications for both current and future shareholders.

Direct download: 03222016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:08pm EDT

 Deciding what age to start getting benefits is a key decision in retirement, and finances are only part of the issue. Find out how to make the right decision for you.

Direct download: 03212016_IF_Financials.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

Three interviews from our time on the ground in Austin at SXSW exploring how different businesses are thinking about virtual reality.

Direct download: 02172016_IF_Tech_SXSW_1.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:44am EDT

Steve Levine, author of The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World, joins us in studio to discuss the current status of batteries and the impact they could have on the energy market over the next 10-20 years.

Direct download: IF_Energy_Intro.mp3
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MuleSoft founder Ross Mason talks security, wearables, and electronic health records and lays out an optimistic prediction about the future of healthcare.

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We welcome special guest Brian Dodge from the Retail Industry Leaders Association to share with us his view of some of the trends, challenges, and innovative opportunities that retail management teams are focused on in 2016 and beyond.

Direct download: 03152016_IF_CONSGOODSFINAL.mp3
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Small bank investing requires a little extra work, but the benefits can pay off mightily.

Host Gaby Lapera and special guest Tim Hanson think that small banks are not only an interesting niche in the investing markets, but one very much worth your time. What makes these banks “small”? Why should an investor even bother with the effort of researching and investing in them? What are the advantageous, disadvantages, and common mistakes investors make when wading into these waters? What are the key checkboxes you must check off before clicking “buy”? The answers to these questions – and more – are right here in today’s financials edition of the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus podcast.

Direct download: 160314_IF_Financials.mp3
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Listen in to hear about the two new products Apple has announced, one nifty way the company is returning value to shareholders, and how Apple is performing in the detachables space.

Then, on the Tesla side of things: what we know about Tesla’s Model 3, how it’ll make electric cars far more accessible to the public than they have been, and what might come of a significantly increased number of EVs on the road.

Direct download: 160311_IF_Tech.mp3
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The Motley Fool’s Tayor Muckerman and Sean O’Reilly weigh in on recent production moves by oil giant Chevron and analyze the repercussions of a new partnership between SolarCity and Whole Foods.

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The Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell discuss what trial failure, commercial failure, and patent expiration at Celldex, MannKind, and PDL BioPharma, respectively, teaches investors about managing risk in the industry.

Direct download: 160309_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Extending a wave of industry consolidation, the No. 2 and 4 theater operators in the U.S. will combine to create the largest theater chain in the country. The combined entity will have over 8,000 screens and 600 locations in 45 states. And in other news, stellar revenue growth may soon be a source of nostalgia for Shake Shack investors.


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Around the world, savers are grappling with negative interest rates. Here’s why negative interest rates are unlikely to hit American shores.

Years after the Great Financial Crisis, interest rates are heading even lower. From Japan to Germany, interest rates are so low that they’re negative -- that’s right, negative! Some investors are actually choosing to lose money by investing in government bonds.

But this week’s episode of Industry Focus: Financials has it all. Join us as The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and Jordan Wathen discuss accounting ratios, negative interest rate policy, and why it’s so darn hard to make accurate predictions about the future.

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Next week Fools will be on the ground in Austin for SXSW -- we run through three speakers we're excited to see and why.

Direct download: 03042016_IF_TechFinal.mp3
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We say goodbye to one of the nations pioneers and most controversial figures in America's shale revolution: Aubrey McClendon. Plus, a look at what Warren Buffet had to say about energy in his annual letter, ExxonMobil's big upcoming decisions, and we answer listener questions. 

Direct download: 03032016_IF_Energy.mp3
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The Zika Virus is a top healthcare concern globally, but investors might want to approach companies working on a Zika cure cautiously.

Direct download: 03022016_IF_HC.mp3
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Hilton announced last week that it will be restructuring into three publicly traded entities, including one of the last REITs after Congress passed legislation in December barring the tax-free REIT spin-offs that had become popular with hotels, restaurants, and casinos. Meanwhile, Lego gets one step closer to the title of world’s largest toy company.


Direct download: 03012016_IF_ConsGoods.mp3
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Starting from the observation that the payments industry is dominated by the oligopoly of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield talk about why it seems to be so prone to disruption.

Direct download: 02292016_IF_Financials.mp3
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Down over 35% since reporting earnings earlier this month, LinkedIn has some investors thinking about jumping ship. On this episode we break down the reasons for the dip and some growth drivers investors should keep an eye on.

Direct download: 160226_IF_Tech.mp3
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To celebrate the energy sector’s 18th month of endemic misery, this week’s episode is all about the most ominous shadows looming on energy’s horizon.

Listen in to hear which three oil companies have done the worst in the last fiscal year; how a new court ruling in Nevada has put a serious wrench in SolarCity’s business model; how an upcoming filing by two defunct companies could set a seriously nasty precedent for the pipeline space; and, what may be oil’s biggest upcoming threat – electric cars.

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Presidential candidates from both sides of the aisles have views on how they'll improve the healthcare system. In this episode of Industry Focus: Healthcare, Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell discuss the proposals and their potential impact on the sector.


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We field listener questions this week. First, we learn about what $500 million of Deadpool box office receipts mean for Walt Disney. Then, we get into some gray area as we discuss the moral challenges governments and companies face as they try to put autonomous cars on the road.


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In this episode of the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Financials podcast, host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins break down the forces driving big bank valuations today and try to read the tea leaves on where the market will push this industry next.

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Facebook announced plans to monetize its Messenger property beginning Q2 2016. We dig into the announcement, why investors should be happy, and why users shouldn’t be too worried about being overloaded by ads.


Direct download: 02192016_IF_TECH.mp3
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The band is back together after a week off! This week, the energy team dives into the details of Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of Kinder Morgan and answer some listener questions about the move. Plus, dissecting the rumor mill about Saudi Arabia's production freeze and the woes of mining giants.

Direct download: 02182016_IF_Energy.mp3
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Motley Fool analysts discuss the challenges biotech companies face when they walk the fine line between patient centered medicine and profit.

Direct download: 02172016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Over the long weekend, Deadpool set multiple box office records for Twenty-First Century Fox with over $280 million in global ticket sales. And after the movie, we treat listeners to dinner as we revisit 3G Capital and the latest results from Burger King and Tim Hortons.

Direct download: 02162016_IF_ConsumerGoods_Final.mp3
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Listen in to hear more about which two players are dominating the healthcare IT industry, how feasible it is to invest in the little guys, and what areas look most promising for data management companies.

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As society eagerly awaits the coming era of autonomous vehicles, automakers are working with regulators and technology companies to change how the consumers think about their commute. Meanwhile, the struggling 3D printing sector turns to new opportunities in the industrial sector.

Direct download: 160211_IF_Energy_audio.mp3
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Fitbit might be able to give insurance providers a treasure trove of data, and cybersecurity firms like FireEye will help them protect it.

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On this special episode of Industry Refocus, we welcome Gaby from the Financials team to break down credit cards and the billions of dollars retailers are generating from their brand-specific credit offerings. She also has an update for the housing market and mortgages.

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We're mixing things up this week on Industry Focus with some cross sector topics.

To kick it off, Tyler Crowe of the Energy & Industrials team joins Gaby for the Finance show to talk about how captive finance companies fit into the role of a industrial manufacturer and the challenges they can present for a company. 

Direct download: 160208_IF_Financials_.mp3
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ADR’s, goodwill and fiscal years are explained as we run through some listener questions.

Direct download: 160205_IF_Tech.mp3
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We take a look at the less than impressive earnings from the integrated majors and ConocoPhillips' decision to cut its "sacred" dividend. Plus, what can an NBA finals game teach you about investing? 

Direct download: 02042016_IF_EnergyFinal.mp3
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Do Gilead Sciences financials deserve high honors? Motley Fool analysts review Gilead Sciences' earnings report to find out.

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The CDC has cleared Chipotle just as it prepares to announce full-year 2015 results and new food safety initiatives at a company-wide meeting in Denver. Meanwhile, Coach and Michael Kors bucked the negative trends ailing much of the retail sector during the crucial holiday shopping season.

Direct download: 02022016_ConsumerGoodsFinal.mp3
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 From a discussion of peer-to-peer lending to a deep dive into why companies are added to and removed from the S&P 500, as well as many things in between.

Direct download: 02012016_IF_FinancialsFinal.mp3
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Two tech giants announced earnings this week. We run through the numbers and conference calls for Apple and Amazon and explain what investors need to know.

Direct download: 01292016_IF_Tech_Final.mp3
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Earnings are starting to trickle in for energy industrial stocks, so we discuss the three stocks that interest us the most and the themes we're focused on this quarter. Plus, we dip into the mailbag for a reader question.

Direct download: 160128_IF_Energy.mp3
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Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell distill J&J's financials and discover that there's more to the story than the headline numbers suggest.

Direct download: 160127_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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From empty grocery store shelves to cold weather apparel sales, we take a Foolish look at the impact of winter storm Jonas on retailers. Also, Coach shares soar after breaking out of a multi-year streak of declining sales.

Direct download: 01262016_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
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India is viewed as one of the most appealing markets for big tech firms, but it doesn’t come without challenges. On today's episode we run through some of the issues and how tech companies have found creative solutions around them.

Direct download: 160122_IF_Tech.mp3
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The oil market has been on a wild ride lately, and all of these stock movements can make us forget that we're investing in companies. So today we're getting up close and personal with Distribution NOW CEO Robert Workman.

Direct download: 160121_IF_Energy.mp3
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Highlighting the major investing take-away's from this years J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Direct download: 01202016_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Three Fools sit down to discuss their latest views on Chipotle, Take-Two Interactive, Taser, and more.


Direct download: 01192016_IF_Energy_Final.mp3
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A deep dive into business development companies

Direct download: 01152016_IF_Financials_PreRec.mp3
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We dig into declining growth rates in smartphone and PC shipments and try to identify the culprits.

Direct download: 01152016_IF_Technology.mp3
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The Motley Fool’s Tyler Crowe, Taylor Muckerman, and Sean O’Reilly discuss oil’s fall to $30 and its ramifications for the rest of the economy – particularly car sales. 


Direct download: 01142016_IF_Energy.mp3
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Special guest David Kretzman talks CES highlights and fitting healthcare into a portfolio. See for more!

Direct download: 01132015_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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Macy’s is off to a strong start in 2016 as investors applaud its efforts to close underperforming stores and reduce expenses, while Under Armour continues its months-long slide, shedding 6.7% on Monday following the release of a bearish research report. And Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz reaffirms his excitement around opportunities in China.

Direct download: 01122016_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
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What investing in real estate can teach you about investing in stocks

Direct download: 01112016_IF_Fincancials.mp3
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A shakeup in the wearables space and big news from Netflix are two stories making headlines so far this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – we explain what’s up and what each item means for investors.


Direct download: 01082015_IF_Technology.mp3
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The oil market has started off 2016 on a wild ride. So we do a quick rundown of the reasons why investors are in such a panic about oil prices this time. Plus, we look at surging SUV sales and Carl Icahn's Christmas gifts.


Direct download: 160107_IF_Energy.mp3
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On this episode, Motley Fool analysts explain how to break down biotech mergers and acquisitions.

Direct download: 160106_IF_Healthcare.mp3
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While global economic and political uncertainty rattles markets in the New Year, gun makers see their shares surge on executive orders from President Obama.

Direct download: 160105_IF_ConsumerGoods.mp3
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Let's kick off 2016 with a very special interview! The CEO of Electronic Transactions Association – Jason Oxman – joins us to talk about the history, the inner workings, and the future of the payment industry.

Direct download: 160104_IF_Financials.mp3
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2015 was a rough year for energy, filled with drama, uncertainty, and rough, rough performances across the board.

In this episode of Industry Focus: Energy, Sean O’Reilly, Taylor Muckerman, and Tyler Crowe throw around their ideas about how the sector looks in for 2016. Can oil bounce back? Can coal? Natural gas? What companies need to get their act together, and who’s been on their game throughout last year? How much should we worry about OPEC cornering the market, and what other factors might affect the price of oil?

Listen in to hear their takes on these issues and more.

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