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Starting from the observation that the payments industry is dominated by the oligopoly of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield talk about why it seems to be so prone to disruption.

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Down over 35% since reporting earnings earlier this month, LinkedIn has some investors thinking about jumping ship. On this episode we break down the reasons for the dip and some growth drivers investors should keep an eye on.

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To celebrate the energy sector’s 18th month of endemic misery, this week’s episode is all about the most ominous shadows looming on energy’s horizon.

Listen in to hear which three oil companies have done the worst in the last fiscal year; how a new court ruling in Nevada has put a serious wrench in SolarCity’s business model; how an upcoming filing by two defunct companies could set a seriously nasty precedent for the pipeline space; and, what may be oil’s biggest upcoming threat – electric cars.

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Presidential candidates from both sides of the aisles have views on how they'll improve the healthcare system. In this episode of Industry Focus: Healthcare, Motley Fool's Kristine Harjes and Todd Campbell discuss the proposals and their potential impact on the sector.


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We field listener questions this week. First, we learn about what $500 million of Deadpool box office receipts mean for Walt Disney. Then, we get into some gray area as we discuss the moral challenges governments and companies face as they try to put autonomous cars on the road.


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In this episode of the Motley Fool’s Industry Focus: Financials podcast, host Gaby Lapera and analyst Jay Jenkins break down the forces driving big bank valuations today and try to read the tea leaves on where the market will push this industry next.

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Facebook announced plans to monetize its Messenger property beginning Q2 2016. We dig into the announcement, why investors should be happy, and why users shouldn’t be too worried about being overloaded by ads.


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The band is back together after a week off! This week, the energy team dives into the details of Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of Kinder Morgan and answer some listener questions about the move. Plus, dissecting the rumor mill about Saudi Arabia's production freeze and the woes of mining giants.

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Motley Fool analysts discuss the challenges biotech companies face when they walk the fine line between patient centered medicine and profit.

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Over the long weekend, Deadpool set multiple box office records for Twenty-First Century Fox with over $280 million in global ticket sales. And after the movie, we treat listeners to dinner as we revisit 3G Capital and the latest results from Burger King and Tim Hortons.

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Listen in to hear more about which two players are dominating the healthcare IT industry, how feasible it is to invest in the little guys, and what areas look most promising for data management companies.

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As society eagerly awaits the coming era of autonomous vehicles, automakers are working with regulators and technology companies to change how the consumers think about their commute. Meanwhile, the struggling 3D printing sector turns to new opportunities in the industrial sector.

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Fitbit might be able to give insurance providers a treasure trove of data, and cybersecurity firms like FireEye will help them protect it.

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On this special episode of Industry Refocus, we welcome Gaby from the Financials team to break down credit cards and the billions of dollars retailers are generating from their brand-specific credit offerings. She also has an update for the housing market and mortgages.

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We're mixing things up this week on Industry Focus with some cross sector topics.

To kick it off, Tyler Crowe of the Energy & Industrials team joins Gaby for the Finance show to talk about how captive finance companies fit into the role of a industrial manufacturer and the challenges they can present for a company. 

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ADR’s, goodwill and fiscal years are explained as we run through some listener questions.

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We take a look at the less than impressive earnings from the integrated majors and ConocoPhillips' decision to cut its "sacred" dividend. Plus, what can an NBA finals game teach you about investing? 

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Do Gilead Sciences financials deserve high honors? Motley Fool analysts review Gilead Sciences' earnings report to find out.

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The CDC has cleared Chipotle just as it prepares to announce full-year 2015 results and new food safety initiatives at a company-wide meeting in Denver. Meanwhile, Coach and Michael Kors bucked the negative trends ailing much of the retail sector during the crucial holiday shopping season.

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 From a discussion of peer-to-peer lending to a deep dive into why companies are added to and removed from the S&P 500, as well as many things in between.

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