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[WARNING: This Episode is Long] In recent weeks, Tesla has released a flood of news onto the public markets, from confusion surrounding deliveries in Europe and Asia, departures of multiple C-level executives, contempt charges against Elon Musk by the SEC, price cuts across its entire lineup of vehicles, eliminating the vast majority of its retail presence, and an upcoming announcement of the Model Y-- and that’s the short list. Motley Fool Senior Auto Analyst John Rosevear and Industry Focus Host Nick Sciple discuss these stories and more in a comprehensive look at the challenges facing Tesla today.

Listening Guide

  • First ~30 minutes -- $35k Model 3 + Store Closure Announcements + Model Y
  • Middle ~30 minutes -- Import issues in Asia/Europe + Elon’s Contempt of Court
  • Final ~30 minutes -- Consumer Reports Removes Model 3 Rec + Changes to Autopilot Marketing


Stocks Mentioned: TSLA


Stories Mentioned:


Will the Feds Tell Tesla to Fire Elon Musk Over Tweets?

Tesla customers describe maddening problems with returns and refunds

Tesla doesn’t know where it will build the Model Y as it rolls out more layoffs and cost cuts

Former Tesla Workers Paint Grim Picture of Buffalo Plant

Elon Musk Should Be Enabled to Step Back From Tesla, Investor Says

Tesla ends contract to prepare Model 3 for delivery in Europe a week after first ship

NHTSA's Autopilot Claim That Tesla Touted Disputed in New Study


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