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Both payment processors have grown tremendously, but which is the best to invest in now?

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Facebook's massive post-earnings sell off caught the market off guard, but should investors have been so surprised? We tackle that, and Spotify's second report as a publicly traded company.

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We go back to basics in this episode on the U.S. defense sector. We discuss the history of the industry, what investors need to know about the current climate, best stocks to invest in and why. Stocks mentioned: Boeing (BA), Northrop Grumman (NAC), Raytheon (RTN), General Dynamics (GD), Leidos (LDOS), CACI International (CACI), ManTech (MANT), Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH).

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It’s big pharma week! First, we discuss Eli Lilly’s second quarter earnings and its decision to spin-off its animal health business. Then, we explain why GlaxoSmithKline became an investor in the DNA screening company, 23andMe.

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BJ’s Wholesale Club is up 50% from its June IPO, with investors encouraged by improving growth and profitability trends. But BJ’s large rival sets a high bar for the industry. We also look at Calavo Growers, which has delivered incredible long-term returns thanks to its main staple - avocados. Stocks: CVGW, BJ, COST

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Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley both had excellent growth in the second quarter.

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Short sellers are often characterized as speculators and manipulators, but they play an important role in the financial markets. We run through why shorts are important, but also why the average investor should probably stay away from shorting stocks.

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We take a deep-dive into a stock in our own portfolios: Corning (GLW). We cover the history of the company, its recent underperformance, our appreciation for its long-term focused management team, and why it’s set for growth. Stocks mentioned: Corning (GLW).

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A new spin on an old drug could dent demand for Epidiolex, a marijuana-based epilepsy drug. Plus, here's how important Medicare and Medicaid are to UnitedHealth Group's profits.

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We tackle a listener question from Ryan, who wants to know whether this big box consumer electronics retailer could be a long-term value play with its stable growth and dividend. Best Buy recently came out of its 5-year turnaround effort, and management is now focused on a “New Blue”.

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