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Marijuana mania caused a significant pop and drop in Tilray shares this week, including a nearly doubling at one point on Thursday.  Are we witnessing one of the biggest investing opportunities of our generation, or is this marijuana mayhem?

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Apple and Amazon have some hot devices about to hit shelves -- some we expected... some we didn't. We walk through what the new iPhones and Apple Watches mean for Apple and what the new Echo devices and Alexa functionality means for Amazon, and how they work the overall strategy for each company.


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We continue down the oil supply chain to discuss oilfield servicers. We break down the current state of the industry, assessing whether it is set to bounce back after a few troubled years for the industry, and discuss two of the largest companies in the space.


Stocks: HAL, SLB

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Efficacy and safety can make or break a drug, but they’re not the only things that determine if a drug becomes a billion-dollar blockbuster.

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We look at the highest grossing films and studios of 2018 before turning our attention to upstart ticketing service, MoviePass. While this first mover is struggling, the whole industry is quickly following in its footsteps. Stocks: DIS, HMNY, AMC, CNK


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Hurricane Florence tore through the Carolinas this weekend, leaving billions of dollars of damage in its wake. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, host Jason Moser and contributor Matt Frankel, CFP discuss how listeners can prepare, from both a personal finance and investment perspective.

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There's a big change a-coming. Tech stalwarts like Netflix, Facebook, and Alphabet are being recategorized by S&P and MSCI's Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). We talk about why this is particularly important for the fund and ETF world, and what individual investors need to know.


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With the explosion of fracking across the United States, demand for fracking-related services is skyrocketing. We discuss the fracking sand industry, its role in the fracking process, and break down some of the biggest companies in the space.


Tickers Discussed: HCLP, SLCA

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In her swan song episode, Kristine shares lessons she's learned about investing while hosting the healthcare show. VEEV ISRG ILMN TDOC  

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With events and artists from all over the world, Live Nation has established a firm grip on the live events industry by bringing talent management, venue operations, and a ticketing platform all under the same roof. We take a look at the company’s sprawling empire, including the regulatory attention it has attracted. Stocks: LYV, MSG

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