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We're revisiting common money myths involving topics ranging from investing in stocks to using credit cards.

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American big tech stocks have had a pretty good 2018, why have China's big names struggled? We bring on The Motley Fool's investing intern Troy Springer to talk about Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent's woes, and why now might be a good time to scoop up the stocks.

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Industry Focus welcomes auto specialist John Rosevear back to the show to talk about his most recent interview with Ford CFO Bob Shanks, the sustainability of Ford's dividend after its most recent earnings disappointment, and a roundup of other auto news. Stocks discussed: F, TSLA, GM

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Large-cap healthcare stocks tend to grab all of the headlines, but there are scores of great small-cap companies out there that hold big upside potential. On this week's edition of Industry Focus: Healthcare, host Kristine Harjes talks with contributor Brian Feroldi about three little-known companies that are growing quickly and show no signs of slowing down: LaMaitre Vascular (NASDAQ:LMAT),HealthEquity (NASDAQ:HQY), and Novocure (NASDAQ:NVCR).  

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For several weeks, a group of private equity investors have been negotiating a deal for Yum China, the largest restaurant operator in the country. And just last week, Panera Bread founder Ron Shaich helped orchestrate the merger of CAVA Group and Zoe’s Kitchen to create a dominant player in the fast-casual Mediterranean niche. We dive into these potential buyouts and more. Stocks: ZOES, YUMC

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The Oracle of Omaha is still a buyer of stocks, and President Trump is considering a major change to corporate reporting requirements.(NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B)

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A new email scam is making the rounds -- we breakdown how it works, the signs of a scam, and how you can protect yourself with's resident detective, Matthew Cochrane.

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We discuss the current state of defense spending and earnings for the big four defense contractors. Stocks discussed: LMT, RTN, GD, NOC

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Spark Therapeutics, Rite Aid, and Alnylam shares have tumbled following news, but that doesn’t necessarily make all three stocks worth buying. Stocks: ONCE, RAD, ALNY

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With hundreds of parks in the U.S. attracting millions of visitors each year, amusement parks make up a unique corner of the consumer and retail sector. In this episode, we look at three of the biggest park operators out there -- SeaWorld (SEAS), Cedar Fair (FUN), and Six Flags (SIX).

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