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Facebook recently announced a $6 billion share buyback authorization, but investors shouldn’t expect to see the company’s total shares outstanding dip any time soon. We explain why and draw on a couple other examples to show how buybacks are generally used a little differently in tech.

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After nearly three decades of claiming the industry is a terrible place to invest, the Oracle of Omaha recently purchased shares in several major airlines – is this a major shift?

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Shares in Juno Therapeutics and Amicus Therapeutics tumble on disappointing news; and one important drug at Pfizer takes a big step forward. 

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With hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into exchange-traded funds, we offer an introduction of how ETFs can serve your investing needs and how to leverage them specifically for the consumer and retail sector.

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The end of the year is packed with holidays, family, and a million things to do — but it’s also your last opportunity to take advantage of potential tax deductions. Don’t let the chaos of the holiday season distract you from saving money and taking care of other miscellaneous personal finance activities. Join Motley Fool host Gaby Lapera as she chats about tax lowering strategies and FSAs with Dan Caplinger, an expert on personal finance. Find out what you need to do before the end of the year!

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A cancer drugmaker, a marijuana drug researcher, and an insurer are serving up tasty performance this holiday season. 

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As the holiday shopping season continues to make its outsized contribution to the top and bottom lines of our favorite companies, we look at the forecasts and key retail trends that will come into play this year. Black Friday may be losing its luster, but hundreds of billions of dollars are still up for grabs in the coming weeks.

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No sector of the stock market has benefited more from Donald Trump's win in the presidential election than banks, with shares of the biggest banks in America climbing by upwards of 20% over the past two weeks.

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Amazon and Domino's are aiming to reduce friction anywhere they can in the ordering process. Are they on to something, or are their tactics just gimmicks?

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With GoPro’s crash-laden release of its Karma drone, some may be calling the future of consumer-facing drones into the question. In today’s Industry Focus podcast, Dylan Lewis and Taylor Muckerman discuss various uses for drones in the oil and gas sector, along with some companies that are a step ahead of their competition.  

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