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A long overdue update on the autonomous driving space -- Alphabet's decision to turn it's self-driving car project into an Alphabet subsidiary, what's going on over at Apple, and why Uber is causing problems in San Francisco.

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The energy sector is getting strong representation in the Trump administration, and here’s what investors need to know.

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Alexion's top-brass has hit the exits amid an investigation into sales practices, and Ophthotech's future is in jeopardy following a high-profile phase 3 failure.

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DirecTV Now is supposed to represent the future of content delivery, but this new service has a long way to go before it makes a difference to AT&T shareholders. And Netflix finally gives in to demands for offline viewing.

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China is welcoming foreign investors to its markets, but should investors accept the invitation?

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Rumors are swirling that Sirius XM is interested in acquiring the streaming music company. It doesn't make sense at first glance, but Pandora might "get by with a little help from {Sirius'} friends."

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OPEC finally cut production for the first time in 8 years – here’s some of the top plays leveraged to decreasing supplies.

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The 21st Century Cures Act ignites innovation with perks to biopharma and medical device makers. Also, Kite Pharma and Novartis prep plans to pitch their CAR-T cancer therapies to the FDA.

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Under Armour announced last week that it would be changing the ticker symbols for its publicly traded A and C shares, but the real story here is the large spread in where those two stocks are trading. We welcome Seth McNew to discuss dual share classes, founder Kevin Plank, and trends for the sports apparel industry.

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It’s tempting to think that the American economy is still struggling to recover from the financial crisis, but the data says otherwise. Eight years after the Crash of 1929, the U.S. economy was still mired in the Great Depression. Fast forward to today, eight years after the financial crisis, which was the worst economic downturn since the 1930s, and the economy is looking as robust as ever. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield talk about the state of the U.S. economy right now, digging through the statistics and trends that matter most. 



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