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As the No. 2 name worldwide in sports apparel, Adidas deserves some extra attention from investors, especially as it continues to deliver industry-leading growth. With shares up nearly 200% in the past two years, here is what you need to know about the first major brand in sports.

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What does the future of banking look like? That question is at the top of bankers' minds today. In this episode of Industry Focus: Financials, The Motley Fool's Gaby Lapera and John Maxfield discuss new technologies that are shaping the way banks serve customers.

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Twitter beat guidance and showed strong MAU growth in its most recent quarter, is it enough to start talking about a turnaround? Plus we hit Amazon's awesome earnings release.

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Bad news for oil producers, great news for oil pipeline operators.

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Missteps on repeal-and-replace mean business as usual for insurers, and first quarter results suggest that's a good thing. Also, Fresenius acquires Akorn, and Express Scripts' ongoing battle with Anthem "gets real".

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Terrible fourth-quarter results, a slew of store closures, and bankruptcies have led to the perception that brick-and-mortar retail is experiencing a slow death, but opportunities abound for retailers willing to adapt and evolve.

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The market looks at alternative asset managers and sees complexity, but some investors may see opportunity.

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Answering a listener question, we talk about how hard it is to time the market, and why it's better for investors to ride out the waves and dollar-cost average.

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Fracking has been the oil industry buzzword for years, here’s what the process actually means.

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After releasing its first quarter financials, J&J's stock fell over 3%. Is it a buy? In this episode, we dig into the quarter's highlights and low-lights to find out.

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