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The cost of gene sequencing is falling rapidly, and uses for this data are springing up left and right. Simon Erickson calls in from South by Southwest to chat with Kristine about healthcare's role at the traditionally tech-focused conference.

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Fresh from his presentation at SXSW 2018, Scott Lachut -- President of Research and Strategy and PSFK -- joins Industry Focus to share his thoughts on major trends and the consumer demands that are changing how companies think about brick and mortar retail. Find out why physical and digital storefronts are more connected than ever and how they’re likely to blend together even further.

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White collar crime just isn't prosecuted the way it used to be. To find out why, we chat with Jesse Eisinger, author of "The Chickens*** Club: Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives."

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It’s the leading music streaming service. It’s got nearly 160 million users. But is Spotify a good investment? We look through the company’s prospectus to see how things look right now and discuss the company it could become.

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We begin with a listener question on the Baker-Schultz carbon tax proposal before discussing the recent IEA report which sees global demand rising 7% over the next five years and the U.S. becoming the largest global exporter. We finish by checking in on GE and Hyundai's Chevy Bolt contender!

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Efficacy and safety can make or break a drug, but they’re not the only things that determine if a drug becomes a billion-dollar blockbuster.

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We’re turning our attention to two companies that have likely flown under the radar of most of our listeners: Pool Corporation and Spectrum Brands. The first has staked out a dominant position in its industry as the world’s largest distributor of pool supplies. Meanwhile, Spectrum -- a consumer products conglomerate -- is undergoing massive changes to its business and brand portfolio.


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There are several good reasons to consider adding foreign bank stocks to your portfolio, and here are some of our favorites.

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After 11 years of being a private company, unicorn DropBox has decided to go public. We go through the cloud company’s prospectus and see what we like and don’t like about the business ahead of the upcoming IPO.

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We get expert opinion from Eugene Mulero of Transport Topics on the President’s proposal for infrastructure spending. We discuss doubts and concerns with the plan, and an alternative – more likely – timeline.


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