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In 2014, regulatory opposition forced Sprint to give up on its plan to acquire T-Mobile. Three years later, the two companies returned to the negotiating table, coming close to finalizing an agreement before the deal fell apart once again. What happened? And what lies ahead for the No. 3 and 4 wireless providers?

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Financials looks at the new Federal Reserve chair, rising interest rates in the U.K, and the end of the CFPB class action rule.

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Great earnings releases from Microsoft and Amazon highlight one thing in particular -- the cloud business is booming for both tech giants.

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2017 hasn’t been kind to GE so far. Three months in we discuss the moves new CEO John Flannery is making to right the business, rumors around the November 13th meeting, and give our bull and bear cases for the stock.

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Beer, wine, and spirits Goliath Constellation is acquiring a 10% stake in marijuana stock Canopy Growth, plus why CVS Health is eyeing Aetna, and how one fast-growing upstart is fighting back at colon cancer.

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The Toys “R” Us bankruptcy filing in September sent waves through the industry as toy companies cut shipments to the retailer and adjusted their forecasts ahead of the holiday shopping season. However, the latest earnings results from Mattel and Hasbro paint a picture of two industry leaders with very different outlooks.

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Financials looks at statistics about emergency savings, credit cards, retirement saving, stock investing, and homeownership.

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AMD and Twitter both beat expectations with their quarterly numbers, so why is the social media company flying while shares of the semiconductor company get pummeled? and enter MOTLEY FOOL in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section

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We discuss U.S. manufacturing, policy making, and how technology will unlock efficiencies in the oil and gas industry with Mark Mills. Mark has a long and illustrious career as a policy advisor, fund manager, and physicist.

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A scary sell-off in Celgene and Ionis Pharmaceuticals shares may have you thinking "sell", but there are good reasons why you shouldn't let what's spooking other investors shake you out of your stock too.

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