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We wrap up pitch week with discussions of IBM, Netflix, and Mindbody. If you want the whole list of pitch week stocks, email!

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Three Motley Fool contributors pitch General Motors, NV5, and Transocean as stocks investors might want to watch.

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Novocure, Precision Medicine, and Celgene are three top healthcare stocks. The team discusses their business models and biggest risks in this edition of “Pitch Week.”

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“Pitch Week” continues on Industry Focus as our Foolish contributors share their takes on Under Armour, Dave & Buster’s, and Tractor Supply Co.

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We kick off "Pitch Week" with a look at payment companies Mastercard and Square, and wrap the show with a breakdown of why Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been such a good business to own.

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Netflix got a nice bump after announcing price increases to several of its service tiers – what might the increases mean for the company’s top line and what should investors be paying attention to ahead of the company’s earnings report next week?

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The U.S. has a huge number of investment opportunities in the well-developed energy industry. We discuss why the U.S. oil and gas sector has developed the way it has, some complexities in investing in overseas energy companies, and a few stocks with foreign flare you might want to consider.

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Mylan launches a generic "at-risk" and Flexion's big drug opportunity becomes clearer.

Editor's note: Mylan's drug was mistakenly referred to in the episode as a biosimilar. Copaxone, however, was approved under an NDA, not a BLA, so Mylan's copycat is a generic, not a biosimilar.

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We look at the latest quarterly earnings from some of the top performers in the alcohol and restaurant industries.

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Financials takes a look at share buybacks, dividends, and other ways of returning capital to shareholders.

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