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On today’s Where the Money Is, Consumer Goods analysts Mark Reeth and Sean O’Reilly talk about Dreamwork’s flop, what will happen when Alibaba goes public, and all of the cool games Mark saw at E3. Plus they dive into JC Penney’s most recent 10-K and explain some of the things all investors should know about a company’s quarterly report.

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On today’s special Friday edition Motley Fool Co-Founder and CEO Tom Gardner interviews Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group. 

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The guys talk headlines, have a stock quiz about  U.S. oil imports from Russia and the history of “fracking”, while also deciding on which country would win the World Cup of energy.

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Join David Williams and Michael Douglass for an examination of healthcare headlines, in-depth coverage of Hep C drugs, a foolish game, and questions from viewers like you! 

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What does the future hold for RadioShack following its disappointing quarterly earnings? Join consumer goods analysts Michael Finarelli and Sean O’Reilly as they discuss RadioShack’s future, Hertz Global’s accounting issues, and why multibillionaire activist investor Carl Icahn is shopping at Family Dollar.

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Does Bank of America have 25% upside from today? Join banking analysts David Hanson and Tyler Riggs as they breakdown a recent valuation study on Bank of America, play a round of Stock Quiz, and debate the merits of a $2.2 million lunch.

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The Container Store is a popular destination for consumers all around the country. What can you learn from the Chairman and CEO, Kip Tindell? Join The Motley Fool’s Mark Reeth and Anand Chokkavelu while they speak with Kip Tindell about how much his life has changed since the company he co-founded went public a few months ago. Plus they pick up some business tips that Kip has learned through his decades of retail experience. And of course they ask him about the future of Container Store and retailers in general.

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Hurricane season is here but should you fear for your energy portfolio? Join the energy guys, Joel South and Taylor Muckerman as they talk about proposed changes in LNG exportation, oil wildcatters breaking the mold and Warren Buffett’s forward looking energy investments.

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Looking for more information on how a drug gets developed? Join analysts Michael Douglass and David Williamson as they discuss the proposed Valleant/Alergan deal, Apple’s new health app, and how new cancer drugs could make a big difference in future care.

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We take and in depth look at the importance of Same Store Sales. 

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