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Michael Douglass returns to talk about his framework for analyzing companies and we run Facebook through his wringer. Is it a buy?

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The 2017 Detroit International Auto Show just ended and there were big takeaways for consumers and investors alike.

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A system that could revolutionize gene research and a first-in-class cancer therapy could be two of healthcare's biggest advances this year. Plus, United Healthcare's earnings review, and a preview of Johnson & Johnson's earnings.

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Women have been the driving force behind the rise of activewear in the apparel industry. In this episode, we discuss the long-term trends that will continue to fuel this segment and the companies poised to benefit from the nearly $80 billion athleisure market.

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We run through a couple different tips to make your resolutions easier to hit in 2017 and talk about why we're focusing on doing more stock research, checking out credit cards, and changing our online passwords.

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 U.S. oil production has bottomed out and is on the upswing, here’s what you need to know to position your portfolio the right way.

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Promo: How to build a profit-friendly stock watch list. Plus, Trump’s tough talk on drug costs and why it’s so important to pay off your credit card debt ASAP.

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With just under 51 weeks left to go in 2017, many people are just beginning to hit their stride, working hard on their resolutions. In this episode, the cast discusses their own goals for the new year and why it can be so difficult to keep up with resolutions for the entire year.

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Financials: New Years Resolutions and Prediction Scoreboard

Millions of people will make New Years Resolutions this year. Some will adopt their resolutions completely, while others are forgotten after just a few short weeks. In this edition of Industry Focus: Financials, join The Motley Fool's Gaby Lapera and Jordan Wathen as they discuss their financial New Year's Resolutions, and check the scoreboard on 12 predictions Jordan made for BDCs in 2015. 

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We phone up our boots on the ground at the Consumer Electronics Show to see what big tech trends are being showcased this week in Las Vegas.

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